Alecia Fitzgerald, Creighton University

Live in the moment!! Hang out with friends on a school night! (even if you have to stay up a little later doing homework) Make the most of everyday instead of looking forward to the weekend. Find joys in the little things, talk to new people that aren’t in your friend group or grade. Go on spontaneous adventures and make every moment count because as much as the little complaints get voiced, no one can deny that Vis is a really special place. Your time here will FLY by and before you know it you will be in your last days at Vis. You don’t want to look back and wish you had a different experience.


To Libby Fischer and Ellen Slawin: Coffee runs and Wednesday night shenans

To Caroline Schlehuber: I will you our love of Michelle Obama, carpool chats and anything you will need because you are the closest thing to a little sister I’ve ever had

To Clare Olsen, Caroline Doran and Lauren Repp: CostCo adventures (even if they haven’t happened yet)

To Jane McMahon: carry on the legacy of sending mid-air timer cam pics

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