Photo Courtesy of Mrs. Turnau

Mrs. Turnau- Science Department

Mrs. Turnau- Science Department:

“I love sports, so I watch the Minnesota Twins and the Minnesota Wild a lot. I watch my kid’s sports, which takes up most of my time. For myself, I like to go on hikes. I just like to be outside. I like to read and just sit and relax sometimes!”

Q: You went to Vis and were a Lifer here! What would you say was your favorite part about Vis when you were here.
A: I think I have two parts. One was when my mom worked here too, so when she worked here in the library, I would be able to go in there after school and hang out which was always very fun. I kind of liked that, knowing that she was here and now that my kids are here I like being the mom and looking out the window and seeing my son playing out at recess and that’s fun. Second, I just really liked knowing really strong, caring, and supportive women. I feel as though if I was at a different school, I probably wouldn’t have had the female relationships that I had here. 

Q: Who was your favorite/ most influential teacher for you when you were at Vis and why?

A: I liked them all for different reasons. Probably Miss Parsley/Colon who used to teach biology. She, I think, was just very relatable. You could always approach her and talk to her and was just very easy-going, but she also, at the same time, still expected a lot from her students, but still very compassionate and understanding.

Q: Would you say that you have any pet peeves?

A: Not really. Especially not here. I usually don’t like it when people talk when other people are talking, but that’s not even an issue here, just because Vis girls are very respectful of one another. I just enjoy it when people are genuine and they will share their ideas and opinions, but still be respectful. 

Q: If you could be the best at any skill/ability, what would you choose?

A: Horseback riding. I have this dream of being an unprofessional barrel racer in rodeos and I would love to just do that. Make it to their national finals, just one time. Kind of random, but just going on the road for a year and doing rodeos, that would be super cool. 

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