Each year, Visitation seniors entrust their favorite traditions, possessions, and inside jokes to their underclass sisters for safekeeping. Here are the memories that the class of 2019 wishes to share with you.

Kayla O’Keefe, College of St. Benedict

Lauren Wohlberg

Don't take everything too seriously. Spend as much time with friends and family as you can. To Faith Geis, I will the STA Clay Target Team To Maggie Doran, I will Junior Assistant to the Dance Captains. To Erin McQuillan, I will my heart. To Fae Katras, I will the Vista Band french horn section To the Class of 2020, I will the new curtains (rip)...

Hannah Norman, Georgetown University
Elise Pearson, Boston College
Natalie Simmons, University of Denver
Macy Mingo, University of Minnesota
Isa Baca, St. Louis University
Lily Peterson, College of Saint Benedict
Flannery Brown, University of Southern California
Sophia LaManna, Creighton University
Maddie Maas, St. Norbert College

Zoe Fasching, University of Winnipeg

Be yourself and don’t let anyone change you. If they don’t love you as you are they aren’t worth your time. To Grace Richardson, willpower to stay who you are, no matter what people say To Lizzie Dudley, peace... finally To Stephanie Meisterling, --all my love and affection To Ellie Cloutier, Robo photos To Annie Hostetler, Finals baker- find me for recipes To Annabelle Midden, Endless happ...

Ashley Rascher, University of Minnesota
Anna Grace Wolff, College of St. Benedict
Abigail Krummen, College of St. Benedict
Madison Shuman, Butler University
Louise Koenig, Creighton University
Nina Reamer, University of San Diego
Sophie Kishish, St. Louis University
Anna Leitner, Bowdoin College
Megan King, Gustavus Adolphus College
Aalishba Ahmad, University of Illinois
Jane Gustafson, Loyola University Chicago
Kira Johansen, University of Wisconsin Madison
Grace McGill, University of St. Thomas
Maria Mattaini, University of South Dakota
Sadie Richardson, University of Notre Dame
Hannah Gorden, University of Minnesota
Sarah Cunniff, Rose Hulman Institute of Technology
Ynez Arriondo, University of St. Thomas
Chloe Dobbs, Miami University
Bella Mascia, University of St. Thomas
Taylor Reim, University of Minnesota
Maria Franks, North Dakota State University
Maddie Mork, Marquette University
Kate Dietz, Clemson University
Anna Seitz, Santa Clara University
Janae Lorick, St. Olaf College
Paige O’Reilly, College of St. Benedict
Bridget Logeais, United States Naval Academy
Vanessa O’Keefe, Marquette University

Zuva Zimbwa, University of San Diego

"Good luck Charlie" To Kate Sabre & Jenna Hoops, Kate Dietz & Zuva Zimbwa will the Aurora Captainship To Emily Wollan, I will you my locker when you are a senior. To Kiley McGrath, I will you muscle man and all the Jeremiah volunteer hours I have (40+). To Sadie Grunau, I will you my position as Team Mutomo Coordinator. To Meghan Quinlan, I will you my sister, Yeukai. To Ana Flynn, I will you John King...

Anna Middleton, College of Saint Benedict
Maddy Halberstadt, University of Minnesota
Kiran Sjoberg, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Sarah Pagnotta, University of Minnesota
Abi Rohy, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Savannah Rivers, North Dakota State University
Riley Winkler, Texas Christian University
Anna Larson, University of Minnesota
Mary Horttor, University of Kansas
Claire Michel, University of Wisconsin Madison
Amanda Russomanno, University of St. Thomas
Abby Thompson, College of St. Benedict
Emily Rascher, University of Minnesota
Catherine Kerin, Princeton University
Jordan Cummings, University of Miami
Guadalupe Rodriguez Arellano, College of Saint Benedict

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