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Six Simple Steps to Assemble a Charcuterie Board and Organize Your Life At the Same Time

Grace Loonan, Freelance Editor May 15, 2022

Charcuterie boards. You’ve probably seen these things on TikTok and Instagram or snacked on them at family gatherings. A charcuterie board, despite its fancy name, is simply an appetizer featuring a...

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Met Gala 2022

Solveig Fellows, Freelance Editor May 13, 2022

This years Met Gala was one of the most controversial in recent history and today I will be sharing some of my favorite looks that were on theme (and perhaps a look that many thought missed the mark) Though...

St. Paul Coffee Shops

St. Paul Coffee Shops

Grace Keeley, Freelance Editor May 13, 2022

As is the case for most Vis girls, coffee is a staple in our morning, afternoon and maybe even evening routines. It is the fuel that keeps us going through the school day and weekend. Like most, you probably...

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Five Movies NOT to Watch

Erika Kyba, Staff Writer May 13, 2022

My mission is simple: I am here to help you save ten hours of your life. I have experienced many movies that have caused me to bury my head in my hands and lament the two hours of my life that I will never...

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Study Tips from a Vis Girl

Part One, Procrastination Tips
Julia Harms, Staff Writer March 31, 2022

Coming home from school: There are countless ways on how to use your time after school/classes, but I’ll list some ways I find most productive to finish work and still have time to de-stress. Depending...

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Winter Blues

Elle Klein, Sports Editor March 31, 2022

I have noticed a trend in my mood and how it changes with the weather. When wintertime comes around, I feel like I lack purpose. I feel more fatigued than usual, and I have no motivation. This may be due...

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Film in Focus: Don’t Look Up

Grace Richardson, Co-Executive Editor March 31, 2022

Please note that this article contains spoilers. When Netflix's original film entitled "Don't Look Up" hit the platform in December, it became an immediate hit with audiences. The storyline, satirical...

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Reading Through Women’s History Month

Ella Sukup, Arts, Culture, and Style Editor March 31, 2022

March is Women’s History Month!  Yay! A great way to celebrate this great month of observing the impact that women have had on history is to read!  Discovering the stories that form herstory is a great...

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Thrifting Your Way Through the Twin Cities

Solveig Fellows, Freelance Editor March 31, 2022

Have you been wanted to shop more sustainably? Or even just spend less money on cute clothes? Thrifting is a wonderful way to reduce textile waste, spend less money on clothes, and support local Twin Cities...

Why You Should Own A Little Black Dress

Why You Should Own A Little Black Dress

Astrid Kieser Kisting, Opinion Editor March 27, 2022

The infamous Little Black Dress, also known as “LBD” has graced the fashion world for decades, but did you know that the concept has been around since the 1920s? Here’s a brief history of the LBD...

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Athletic Gear Guaranteed to Make You a Better Athlete

Ava Kirr, Staff Writer March 26, 2022

Now that the spring sports season is upon us, it is the perfect time to discuss what and what not to wear in order to achieve athletic success. No matter what sport you play, there are universal items...

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9 Books that Every Taylor Swift Fan Should Read

Erin McQuillan, Staff Writer March 26, 2022

Anybody who knows me well knows that two of my main personality traits are loving books and being a Taylor Swift fan (or Swifty). So, I decided to share both of my passions by compiling a list of the nine...

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