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Each year, Visitation seniors entrust their favorite traditions, possessions, and inside jokes to their underclass sisters for safekeeping. Although the class of 2020 has had to adapt to the most unexpected of times the past few months, this tradition lives on. Here are the memories that the class of 2020 wishes to share with you.

Anna Zauha, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Sadie Grunau, Boston College
Isa Kenkel, Miami University
Alecia Fitzgerald, Creighton University
Meredith Killian, Union College
Sophia Benz-Narveson
Claire Jakubowicz, Southern Methodist University

Annabelle Midden, College of William and Mary

Really just two things: Watch the Good Place at some point and befriend English teachers because they're a lot of fun. Otherwise yeah you've got this.   To Rory Jones-White: I will my favorite and best pen, mostly because I couldn't think of anything else to will (and I'm hopeful that whenever you use it you'll remember I love and believe in you). I'll find a way to get you the pen mid-quaratine...

Christina Treacy, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Adrienne Miller, University of Notre Dame
Elizabeth Allen, University of Minnesota
Maria Rist, Champlain College
Clare Pryor, University of Notre Dame
Kathryn Laird, Saint Louis University

Sophia Johnson

Remember that taking care of yourself is just as important as doing well in school. Go on those coffee dates with friends, try something new, meet new people, etc. Time is gonna fly, and next thing you know it, you'll be graduating so cherish it.

Grace Alpers, Bethel University
Kaileigh Ann Vennewitz, Metropolitan Community College Longview
Ciaran Kelly, Iowa State University
Bridget Emerson
Lauren Kern, University of North Dakota
Grace Michel, College of St. Benedict
Paris O’Reilly, University of St. Thomas
Frances Holmstadt, Nova Southeastern University
Ella Bovee, College of Saint Benedict
Elinor Glass, University of Puget Sound
Natalie Canessa, Iowa State University
Molly Silberhorn, Indiana University

August Thompson, University of Oregon

"Don't let your dreams be dreams" -Shia LeBeouf   To Addie Cooper: The future of the shop playlist, the drive station, Em Rascher's parking spots, and you back to yourself To Noelle Wang: Noodles and Company’s meager mac and cheese, drinking way too much coffee, and all of my moist egg knowledge To Addie Cooper and Noelle Wang: Drive Team poets To Lynne Hoang: being the kid with...

Ella Hinkemeyer, College of Saint Benedict
Meghan Quinlan, Duke University
Kiley McGrath
Cece Sampair, University of Tampa
Isabelle Geroux, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire
Maggie Wussow, University of Colorado Boulder
Maddie Schlehuber: University of Notre Dame
Katie Barry, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Kali Fischer, Xavier University
Sammie Sabin, Luther College
Kate Sabre, University of Alabama
Nicole Baumann, University of Notre Dame
Margit Murphy, University of Minnesota
Elizabeth Fenelon, Iowa State University
Ceci Baillon, University of Southern California
Katie Bastiaens, University of Minnesota
Sarah Blaiser, University of Denver
Faith Geis, Creighton University
Julia Litecky, Iowa State University
Lea Chamoun, University of California, Los Angeles
Mary Burke, American University
Sophia Hoppe, Gap year in Sweden, then Colby College
Wini Bettenburg, TBD June 1st (University of Vermont, Mac, or gap semester depending on how COVID-19 plays out)
Jenna Hoops, Saint Michael’s College
Lizzie Dudley, Northwestern University

Faith Lee, Indiana University

You win some and you lose some   Choose captainship to Jojo Fotsch    

Isabel Schleper, University of Minnesota
Taleah Alldritt, Hamline university
Isabella Arias-Benton, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Helaina Sislo, Texas Christian University
Ava Hoffman, University of Minnesota

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