Mary Burke, American University

Hype up and care for your sisters. Say hi to each other in the hallways. Give someone a random compliment or fist bump. Reach out to someone who maybe seems off that day. Remind them of their beauty, intelligence, capability, and worth. Find you inner confidence and open-mindedness. answer a question incorrectly in-class or ask a “stupid question”. Perform a chem rap or an english play scene passionately. Embarrass yourself on stage. Go ham at Catholic Zumba. Get excited for b-block convos. Take advantage of these moments special to vis because you never know when they will be taken away.


To my swim sisters: I will you cinnamon/cholula chihuahua/Nate the savage linscheid, the sleepover and talent show, the STA pool (with chipped tiles), morning dryland, the breath holding contest, pop strike, the pee puddles, the savage swim squad, and the question of the day (only if you do favorite pattern).

To my instagram hacker: I will you Nate’s mixtapes and interviews.

To the captains: I will you the talent show dance choreography and the goodie bags.

To the seniors: I will you SENIOR SEAS and the national anthem.

To the track distance squad: I will you woah timer cam videos, broken 800s, STA hockey arena stairs, and the conference tradition.

To my gatorz: the green gator, the fake plants in the senior commons, the iconic raps, and, most importantly, our latest dub.

To the future stuco secretary: I will you homemade, DIY google slides and Catholic Zumba.

To my carpool (buds, bigtoelau, bibs, and juicy): I will you the pun mobile, club crackers, and my one direction cd

To my sisters: B Burke, I will you the distance squads, the somerset rap, endless carpools, iced coffees, sk8er boi by Avril Lavigne, and my b and haha playlists.

To B Burke and Sophia Mattaini: I will you the dog squad and burttaini dinners.

To B Burke and Lucy Berg: I will you princess charming by Megan & Liz, wobble by v.i.c, solo by Demi Lovato (my minions), iMovie horror films, and video stars.

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