Photo Courtesy of Reece Bergeron

Reece Bergeron- “Art by Reece B.”

Support Reece by following her Instagram account @artbyreeceb and visiting CorAzoN in Minneapolis, I Like You in Minneapolis, and I Like You Too in Saint Paul!

Reece Bergeron- “Art by Reece B.”

“I design stickers that are 3×3’s and I am working on new designs. Currently, I have a St. Paul one and a Minneapolis one, but I’m working on some new ideas. For example, I think a Lake Superior one could be really cool along with other cities.”

Reece’s “Minneapolis” sticker! Photo Courtesy of Reece Bergeron

Q: How did you get started with your business? 

A: I’ve always loved drawing and painting and I have since I was young. My mom always said, “You should sell your art”, but I didn’t think that people would buy just a piece of art as much as they would buy a sticker. I know that Vis girls especially love stickers, my sisters are all obsessed with stickers. So, over Quarantine, I got into digital art. My mom is the one who always pushes me to sell my work, so I created my sticker business.

Q:  Where can your stickers be bought?

A: Currently, I am working on a website, but right now I am selling them to people I know through my art Instagram account. They are also available at Corazon, the Lake Street location in Minneapolis, the I Like You store in the North Loop of Minneapolis, along with the I Like You Too store which is off of Snelling in Saint Paul!

Photo Courtesy of Reece Bergeron


Q: What are your goals for the future of your business?

A: I really would like to get my website built and to continue to come up with new designs for the future. 


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