Maddy DeMeules ’10

  • What are you doing currently?
    • Finishing up Law School at Harvard Law. Post-grad I will be clerking for two Minnesota judges (one state trial court and one federal trial court). Clerkships are like legal apprenticeships where you do a lot of reading and writing for your judge and learn about the legal process from the vantage point of the person making the decisions.
  • How has your experience at Visitation shaped your life?
    • Vis showed me the importance of strong friendships and relationships- and how enriching it can be to stay committed to these relationships over time. Academically, I learned the importance of becoming a strong writer. Write often, write clearly, and read good writers.
  • What would your advice be to current students at Vis?
    • There’s a big world out there. Vis is small, and that is great in a lot of ways. But there’s so much that you can’t learn until you branch out. Think about studying or working in a new state (or country!). Live abroad for a year. Build a community with people who are different from you.

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