Photograph Courtesy of Wing Ho, Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine

Milissa Silva-Diaz ’90

  • What are you doing currently?
    • I graduated from Visitation in 1990. I am currently the CEO of our family’s 2nd generation 42-year-old business El Burrito Mercado, and it is currently owned and operated by myself, my sister, and my niece, and we are an all-women second and third-generation business.
  • How has your experience at Visitation shaped your life?
    • My experience is unique from most Visitation alumna, my biggest experience was being one of the only Mexicans and women of color in the entire upper school. It was at this time that I had many emotional and mental struggles as I went to adolescence experiencing many things at Vis. I was very challenged and it made me realize the passion and importance of advocating for diversity, social justice, and opportunities for all. Those experiences and challenges have definitely been instrumental to mold me into who I am as an individual, as a mother, as a community leader, and now as CEO of our family business
  • What would your advice be to current students at Vis?
    • To 100% focus on your academia, but also to be sure that you balance this with real-life experiences and involve yourself in social justice issues, real-world issues. It can feel quite like a safe bubble at Visitation, so it’s important to expand outside of this into the real world.

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