Patty Boo-Pryor 84

Patty Boo-Pryor ’84

  • What are you doing currently?
    • Graduated from Vis in 1984. Attorney/philanthropy strategist/author; recently published Love Moves Us Forward: reflections on kindness, connection, and peace based on the teachings of Saint Francis de Sales as a tribute to the Visitation Sisters; currently launching Heart House Press to promote reflection and connection (look for it on social media 🙂
  • How has your experience at Visitation shaped your life?
    • The Sisters were amazing role models for me in living out the little virtues. I was especially close to Sister Marie ThĂ©rèse who taught me the lifelong lesson of seeing the good in everyone; she also led by example in showing me the importance of offering people forgiveness and a fresh start—without judgment. (We high school girls needed a lot of judgment-free fresh starts.) Her belief in me continues to inspire me to be my best self. One of my favorite memories is excitedly walking into Vis on the first day of my senior year to meet with Sister before school started. (Sister was dean of students, and I was StuCo president). I spotted Sister in the hallway surrounded by students, and she kindly waved me over. She gently looped her arm around mine and said in her sweet southern voice, “Honey, let’s do this.” The image of the two of us walking arm in arm down the Vis hallway still brings a smile to my face and a boost to my self-confidence whenever I need it.
  • What would your advice be to current students at Vis?
    • Remain curious about people and the world; be open to a nonlinear career path; dive into volunteer work to serve others, learn new skills, and widen your social network; appreciate the close bonds of the Vis community and seek out connections with Vis alumnae from a variety of graduation years—you are part of a special sisterhood!

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