Catherine Wollan, Villanova University

“Spend more time with your friends at flex. Yes, do your homework, but don’t turn down the opportunity to take a break and laugh for a second. Secondly, Find what you’re passionate about and focus on it, because once you realize how much you love something, it won’t feel like enough time.”

To Paige Abbott: my red ribbon for your soccer and lax bag, you now have the luck and all my love that comes with it. I’ll miss you so much next year.

To Ava Kirr, Tess Cavanaugh, Sofi Lennington-Chaffee, Grace Loonan, Paige Abbott, and Kazi Hankee: my dickeys

To Tess Cavanaugh: the nordic aux and my Maplelag mug (because I know you won’t grab one yourself), now you’re the number one classic enthusiast. You’re the biggest beast, thanks for inspiring me with your strength and leadership.

To Kazi Hankee: my pink prewrap and the password to the nordic insta #gofollow @visnordic can’t wait to see meet day posts and pasta dinner stories. I couldn’t be prouder of you.

To Ava Kirr: decorations for the nordic palace and the hype of the vis nordic team. Thanks for constantly pushing me to be better. You are a fantastic captain and I can’t wait to come back and watch you race next year.

To Phoebe Balfour: my protein ball recipe

To Lucia Lazarus: my beet shots and the MapleVlog!

To Lucy Horst and Elle Klein: garden club and all of the plans we hope you will continue

To the legacy of vis soccer: DAHA.

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