Emily Wollan, Boston College

“Hold this place close to your heart always. Make a genuine effort to get to know every person in your grade. Upperclassmen, reach out to the underclassmen and underclassmen, don’t be afraid to reach out to the upperclassmen. The sisterhood isn’t some far-off concept, it is easily within your grasp. Appreciate the faculty- your teachers are some of the most incredible people in this world and are only there to help you succeed. Repay them by being engaged, and getting to know them. They oftentimes will surprise you! Take advantage of the small moments of joy: stay until the very end of a dance (or several!), ask the hard questions at retreat, sing the school song loud and proud, show up to every game and performance that you can, scream your head off at dodgeball, and take in all that this place has to offer.

Also, start a journal and a memory box! Your future self will thank you for being able to reflect back on your time at this second home :)”

To Ginny Kraus, Maura McMahon, and Maia Sutton: Caroline and I will you the DeChantal Music Ministry. Always prioritize your faith life and continue to use your gifts to spread your light. 

To Ella Passe, Tessa Lindstrom, and Maddie Smith: I will you my VisSwim caps 🙂  Remember me when you do my favorite set- Queen of the Hill! 

To Lauren Ho, Anna Farley, B Burke, Bea Walther, and Lauren Sexton: As willed to me by Nicole Baumann, I will you all the team spirit VisSwim could ever need. Rock with the red and roll with the white!! 🙂

To Jana Christensen: I will you the Ski Cheer for softball. You are an incredible leader, and I hope you continue the VisSoftball legacy of constant cheering 🙂 

To Mary Witkowski: I will you my spot in the softball dugout. Take care of it for me. <3

To Grace Ritzenthaler: As willed to me by Ceci Baillon, I will you Dano’s bucket. Keep Dano in line for me! 😉

To Anh Nguyen: I will you the energy of Blazer Softball and my softball number, #14. I also will you 3 more years of joy. You are the bean of all beans, and you have made more of an impact on my life than you know. Continue to share your compassion and kind heart with those around you. I know you will do great things 🙂

To Katie Zurawski: I will you lots more Footloose dances. Keep up your fabulous dance moves and continue bringing your enthusiasm with you wherever you go!

To Clare Olson: I will you the VisChoirs Instagram. Go spread the love of VisChoir!

To Maddie Smith, Grace Loonan, Ava Raiter, and Ginny Kraus: I will you the Soprano 2 section and all of the high notes and weird harmonies that go along with it. 

To Catherine Breyen, Maya Rome, and Paige Abbott: I will you the post position and all of the bruises and beat-ups that come along with it. Be strong and always take those charges! 

To Alice Nelson: I will you all of the VisBasketball PowerPoint presentations and the perseverance to always push yourself. You are an amazing basketball player and an even better friend and teammate, so don’t forget it! The Law of Attraction! 😉

To Sam Wills, Leah Passe, Elle Springer, and Emma Meschke: My basketball beans! I am beyond proud of all of you! With you all there, VisBasketball is in good hands for the future. Keep up the grit and tenacity and never lose that spark that is in each one of you. That being said, if you so choose, I will to one of you my number (and Sylvia Fowles’ number!)  #34!

To Grace Keeley and Maura McMahon, I will you Service Club! Continue being a force of good in the community! 

To Sophia Meisterling: I will you the title of VP! And of course, I will you my fabulous flag-cranking skills. Remember, HalfStaff.org will be your friend….

To Charlotte Kinzley: My little sis!! I will you the best four years of your life. Take in every minute of it and always remember that I will just be one phone call away if you need your big sis for anything!

To Megan Overell: I will you an incredible senior year and my enthusiasm for your STEM abilities (especially the Iron Man suit). You are such a positive influence on those around you, and I can’t wait to see you continue to kill it! (Way to represent the CCs 😉  Also, I will you many more Cotton Eye Joe Dances!

To Maura McMahon: I will you all of the love & appreciation for Vis and always saying hi to people in the hallway. You are such a light to me and the rest of the world, and I cannot wait to watch all of the incredible things you do in the future. Never forget how special you are! Also, keep Mrs. Rexroth on her toes for me 😉 

To RJ Jones: I will you all of the hugs Vis could ever need. You are one of the strongest people I know! Keep using your gift of empathy to continue to make an impact on others. Also always remember you are so loved!

To my 4th Grade Class: I will you all of my love. Being your Salesian Leader has been one of the greatest gifts this year and has given me moments I will always cherish. You all have brought me such joy, and I am unbelievably proud of you. Know that you will always have a special place in my heart. PICKLE FOREVER <3

To Mrs. Rexroth, I will you Superhero pose & a new birthday buddy (May 27th is the superior date 🙂

To Ms. Kranz, I will you a new selfie buddy and someone new to bother you every day and dress up as you for Halloween. Thanks for being my greatest role model! 🙂

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