Bee Burke, Providence

Lean on one another because the best friendships are made that way:)

Maggie and Iris:

The best buds a girl could ask for, all my love, the nightmare before Christmas, and my pride and joy Uma.

Kathryn Boville and Lauren Ho:

Gain that Grain, Win that wheat, Gobble that gluten, and rise that rye.

Gracie and Fynn:

The best four years, and my dinosaur hat.

Clare H:

My whole heart and numerous hugs.

Evie and Lovey:

My partners in crime, the short way back, hurdle mobility, and the walking day.

Sam wills:

My dress-up and game-day outfits, as well as the Somerset spirit.

Grace Nilson:

All the joys of high school.

Emme Engle: getting sturdy and the tik tok station

Nora Kane: STUCO secretary and my slides! Can’t wait to see the wonderful things you do!

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