Isabella Tucker, Creighton

Advice: Remember to live in the moment and value each day at Vis! It goes by faster than you’d think!

Ava Raiter: I will you all of my love, and I wish you the absolute best senior year with lots of amazing memories! Anything you need, I’m here for you (even from Omaha!!)

Sarah Kodama: I will you so so many hugs! I hope your senior year is filled with as much fun as I had chasing ants with you in Costa Rica!

Katie Nelson: Thanks for being my backstage bestie… spending time with you always makes my day so much better! I will you an amazing VISTA show next year. You know I’ll be there!

Grace Loonan: I will you all of my confidence in sunshine and in rain! (And after Costa Rica, we have a lot of confidence in rain!) I couldn’t have asked for a better friend to share so many adventures with!

Ginny Kraus: I WISH I could will you the Katherine wig on behalf of the costume department, because it looked FANTASTIC on you!! You were a wonderful Katherine!

Lily Callanan: Keep being amazing! You run that dressing room like a pro… VISTA Theater is so lucky to have you!

Hazel Brockman and Makenna Ho: Little sisters! I will both of you the best three more years of highschool! Soak in every moment!

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