Abbi Keegstra, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design

To Sophie Galioto, Madeline Byrne, and Emily Robinette, I will you the carpool. All of you have fun with the rides to swim practice, and Emily make sure to continue playing your Miley Cyrus music!!

To Gracie Lund, Evie O’Neill, Emmy Jimenez, and Max Verbrugge, I will you the theater demons and boba runs! May you all continue to find new and creative ways to have fun during theater while also occasionally skipping a bit of theater to get boba, shhh don’t tell E I said that!

To The Members of the Art Guild, I will you the strength, leadership, and creativity to grow and expand the art guild into something big and exciting that everyone can enjoy!

Lastly To Rj Jones and Katie Nelson, I will you guys the Korner. Spend the time you have here, invite new people, make new memories, talk about interesting things, have fun!!

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