Summer Ahartz, Drake

Maura McMahon, I will you the prettiest of my flowers, and the boygenius Instagram.

Lily Callanan, I will you only the best of the atypical edits, #1 driver, and a special place in my heart for our costume gossip sessions!!

Annie Swanholm, I will you the core memory that is Eddie.

Katie Nelson, I will you all of the best cure songs and the title of having a better music taste than me (this is a big moment for me and my pride, treat this title well).

Maia Sutton, I will you all of my confidence that you will make it to Broadway.

Hazel Brockman, I will you peaceful car rides as you will no longer have to hear my endless rants.

Gracie Peterson, I will you my Katie vest and the sun because you make everyone feel happy.

Hannah Choi, I will you champion of the circle game in Spanish, and know that I’m so excited to see the human you grow into!

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