Bea Walther, Marquette

Make the most of every opportunity at Vis – there are so many ways to grow and learn so embrace them. Remember to stay true to who you are and be proud of yourself each day. School is important but what is even more important is spending time with the people you love. The girls at Vis are some of the best people you will ever meet so always remember to enjoy every moment with each other!

Emme Engel, Kate Killian, and Ava Kozlak: Irish club, my Rattlin Bog playlist, and the best senior year!

Grace Nilsson and Iris Huerta: my Sharks and Minnows skills and Vis Swim pride

Ella Bergeron: my Irish dance wig, and our Math Analysis experience

Grace Keeley: all my gtown pride #dawgs, and my yearbook slides

Anna Schrier and Emme Engel: Science club

Veda Mehaffey, Nora Kane, and Hannah Rae Schreier: the Sweeping Beauty legacy, my curling broom and weekly punch dates

Lucia Lazarus: the best pajama pants, my bad driving skills and endless hugs

Maggie Farley: Intro to Law conversations, post dryland Starbucks runs, and the ability to “keep your mouth shut and your ears open”

Hannah Rae Schreier: the SchreiWal family groupchat, annual festivus, family dinners, the $2 gingerbread house contest 5th place prize, my vis sweater, the STA concession stand, my brothers, and all my love!!

Frannie Eldredge: Target runs, “The Parent Trap” and “Cheaper By The Dozen” movie nights and the best Vis high school experience

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