Katie Brennan, North Dakota State University

to Lauren Kahley – my diving shower, the hot water tub at practice, and all of my love.

to Alexandra Kappenman – pre-meet runs to Chick-fil-a, daily therapy sessions at diving practice, and Lauren Kahley. Take good care of her for me while I’m gone.

to Ana Fulton – locker #45 in the band room, my parking spot, and all the red bulls you could ever dream of.

to Heritage Aluko – my partial equity of the flute section, the blue book in folder #3, and Chihuu. Keep him in check for me while I’m away.

to Sophie Galioto and Sophia Kyba – the VISTA band and the band mom title.

to Josie Parkos – the trips to and from band, even through the STA cafeteria.

to Malia Soldo – flexes in Mme’s room and all the Starbucks in the world.

to the next Softball Manager – my manager bucket but forewarning, it will destroy your back if you sit on it for too long.

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