Nora Probst, Boston College

Don’t be afraid to reach out and make connections, it makes these four years so much more memorable. Senior year period 3 study hall is a blessing and a curse (bring your doordash in through the Athletic foyer!).

To Lucia Lazarus: Moulin Rouge the Musical and Little Debbie Treats

To Maggie Farley: the Robert Street Starbucks and Tempo & Technique

To Hannah Rae Schreier, Anna Francis, and Izzy Dzubnar: Sunday Mornings at the Copperfield

To Grace Nilsson: the keys to our iconic but low-key dangerous swim carpool

To Anna Schrier and Nora Kane: honorary captainship of JV golf

To Kate Killian: SPA vs Highland hockey games

To Ella Matschina: the very best next 3 years! And keeping our family friendship in tact!

To Meryl Rosenberg: Harry Potter Club

To Ava Birk: Charlie Probst (hopefully with a stable bank account)

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