Mary Witkowski, Iowa State

Fiona Dobie, I will you my amazing wit and humor to light up the school, and my spot in Nellie’s room. Take care of him and keep on the legacy of rhetorical club.

To my dear Kathleen Lemmon, I will you the dino backpack. May you continue the tradition of gifting it to your pet underclassman

Mollee Ditzler, I will you my amazing speed, agility, and sliding skills.

To Abigail Hemauer, I will you my fantastic catchphrases. May you never forget that God is a woman, and you are that woman.

My favorite leprechaun, Anna Lloyd, I will you my position as Dan’s biggest annoyance and proudest cheerleader.

Molly O’Neill, I will you my pride in being one of the only lefties on the team. I hope you carry this on and represent us well.

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