Clare Olson, Trinity College (Dublin)

Elizabeth Landsem: My spot on the softball bus

Abby Hemauer: GIMME A V.

Nora Kane, Hannah Rae + Veda Mehaffy: Sweeping Beauties. May the legacy go on forever.

Ava Kozlak: Cap. Please visit him while I’m gone

Luca Vannelli + Sam Vanderbloemen: honorary football mannies

Iris Huerta, Abby Farley + Maggie Farley: Mrs. Leoffler

Jenna Revnew: all the Vis hype + a spectacular senior year!

Kate Killian: Blazers on 3!

Cadence Cooper + Kerra Casey: Blue Gentian Starbucks

Maddie Smith: Vis Choir Insta

Maia Sutton: Theresas

Kathryn Dobis + Dani Krech: Peter.

Lovey Farrell: the snack room.

Ella Twomey: the best four years of highschool. You are so amazing!!!

Gemma + Fynn: our family 4L.

Sarah Nation: Ireland

Emme Engel: my spot onstage + pub chair duties!

Kate Gordon, Vivian Chard, Anna Francis: Mr. Horttor

Katie Nelson: JG Sibling Section Hype

Kate Lee: my guest bedroom. Yours whenever you want it!

Anne Killian: ANIMAL! Clear eyes full hearts!

Cece Wheaton: Morgan Wallen + all my love

Izzie Dzubnar: all my clothing I leave home from college

Audrey Sheehan: the best seat in the house for all the vista musicals!

Ella Bergeron: the memory of Honors French IV

Maura McMahon + Molly Kolar: Nelly’s snack closet just for STUCO hr

Ana Fulton and Bella: Blazer pride at CDH and AHA respectively

Anna Schrier: Science club!

Leah Passe: the alto section (in spirit)

Ava Anderson: My parking spot

Gracia Munoz: an extra set of car keys so you’re never locked out of your car again

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