Ella Passe, Duke

To Tessa Lindstrom: I will the distance group, queen of the hill, endless car ride conversations, and mac & cheese (from Zupas of course).

To Katie Miller: I will lane 3 and the carpool. Eat lots of Oreos for me!

To the Future Blazer Basketball Managers: I will endless stat charts, pregame hype, and hopefully fewer technical fouls than this year 🙂

To Leah Passe: I will Mango and the Camry (as long as you don’t play rap music).

To Tessa Lindstrom, Grace Nilsson, Iris Huerta, Lucia Lazarus, Katie Miller, and Maggie Farley: the swim & dive fam and the captain’s dance

To Sam Wills: I will a giant water bottle and lots of love!

To Paige Abbott, Clare Hedman, and Jennifer Thurlow: I will Leah

To Madeline Byrne, Kathryn Bonneville, and Tessa Lindstrom: I will have countless post-practice chats with Mike, lots of dryland makeup sessions, and the future of “the preppy school” group.

To The 1st Grade Class: I will endless hugs and love! Being your Salesian Leader has been one of the greatest gifts this year and has given me memories I will forever cherish. You all have brought me so much joy and will forever have a special place in my heart. PEACOCKS FOREVER!

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