Kathleen Eldredge, Marquette

I will Frannie Eldredge the Honda crv aka Tiger (don’t think you’re getting a new car), lunch dates at Crave, Buck Hill donuts, movies on Soap2Day, and most importantly the best four years at Vis.

I will Grace Keeley the Vis Alpine legacy, our bagelria, instagram story tours of our tent set up, and crockpots full of lasagna soup.

I will Kate Walsh our Vis alpine carpool and the Eleanor Avenue legacy.

I will Anna Francis an endless playlist of Cody Ko videos and a permanent spot in my backseat.

I will Lucia Castro my shotgun seat.

I will Katie Nelson the contents of the stolen alpine trailer from Meghan Bushlack’s backyard.

I will Reese Foley a date with Kirill Kaprizov and endless Wild games with Frannie.

I will Herminia and Chrisarely Spanish kahoots and my collection of Señora’s stickers.

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