Astrid Kieser Kisting, University of Saint Thomas

Elise and Catherine Carlquist- I will you the JV tennis team and my passion for the beautiful sport! Keep the team spirit alive and look forward to practices even when there’s conditioning 🙂

Sarah Kodama and Catherine Carlquist- I will you my love of violin! I have loved playing with you, and I hope more than anything you both continue to play.

Grace Keeley- I will you the newspaper team, I know it’s in great hands, and can’t wait to see what you do!

Charlotte Plessner and Abby Hemauer- I will you both the best next three years and I wish you the best! I am honored to be one of your big sisters.

Katie Nelson, Maia Sutton, Meara Brendel, Ava Raiter- To my theater people, I will you all my love and the title of my family members. Continue to love one another and enjoy all of the memories in theater. I will come to your shows and continue to cheer you all on!

Ellie Schmelz- I will you my Newsie bag (thank you for guarding it with your life) and my heart. You are the purest soul and I want you to see how beautiful you are and never forget that you’re loved. I’m just a FaceTime away!

Grace Loonan- I will you STAND convos and my place in poet’s society. I am always amazed at your writing abilities and I admire your passion for it– continue to share your voice with the world.

Malia W- I will you saying hello to others in the hallway and my hugs, even though you give the best ones– do it next year and beyond with new people! I Love you girl!

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