Sienna Boeckman, St. Ben’s

Cece Bennett- I will you the trenches of pablo, and shelby the trap car. Please take very good care. I also will you my golf swing, my brother, my heated yoga skills, the counselors couch, all of my visitation clothes and sweater, and our viral tik tok video. Last but not least, I will you all of my perfume and makeup I don’t take to college. Thanks for being the best sister ever, even when I want to mute you IRL.

Kate Lehman- I will you highway I 94, Rodger, The old guy at Inverwood, My amazing golf aux, parking skills, a hot boyfriend, a breamer golf dome shark, and irons that don’t weigh 20 pounds. Thanks for being the best golf partner ever!

Isabella Grady- I will you my math analysis skills and zero boy problems. You’re amazing, I will miss talking to you so so much.

Caroline Conner and Tessa Lindstrom- I will you most importantly SHAQ, please take good care of my husband. I also will you guys My french 1 skills, And the ability to not freak out before a 5 question french quiz. I also will you all of my french notes and homework that I 100% did! ALEZ please visit me I already miss you guys!!

Chloe Reppenhagen- I will you Susan’s comfy chair and the chair next to Susan!! Proud of you for all your hard work this year :))

Nyemah, Dah, & Paloma- I will you guys susans quiet room. But actually please be quite, the only sound aloud is Nyemahs laugh. You guys never failed to make me crack up during flex. Thanks for being so awesome!!

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