Mikayla O’Connell, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

To Kayla Vo: I will you my chair in the heart and all of the pins you’ve left in my bag during robotics competitions.

To Erika Brandt: I will you the infamous 0.5 chair in orchestra and my favorite Lemon Demon songs.

To Emily Robinette: I will you all the awful pictures we take of each other and memories from Discord calls. I also will you the strength to lead. Make me proud, son!

To Madeline Byrne: I will you the ridiculous faces we make at each other and hilarious conversations at robotics.

To Meryl Rosenberger: I will you the safety binder and the responsibility of telling people to leave the robotics shop to tuck in their sweatshirt drawstrings. I also will you my riddles.

To Anna Maher: I will you courage because I know you will do great things. Believe in yourself and your skills!

To Lucia Lazarus: I will you the AP Calc BC Lucia and Mikayla podcast and all the notes you need to be “ready for your BHQ!”

To Mallory O’Connell: I will you Caribou runs that end in getting lost on the way to Grandma’s house, and all of my nearly illegible notes.

To The Robettes: I will you our core values and our fun times together. I’m so proud of all of you!

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