Lucy Berg, University of Denver

Ella Bergon: I will you Superfan!

Nora Kane: I will you Somerset hype girl! Pls bring us a victory in dodgeball! Gators4Ever

Emme & Izzy: The best time on Stucco together and the best senior year!!

Anna Schrier: The life of the party and always having the best date to dances šŸ˜‰

Ava Kozlak: I will you visit in Colorado next year!!

Iris & Grace Nilsson: Unlimited parking lots talk after swim

Ella Bergon, Grace Keeley, Molly Kollar, Vada, and Hannah Rae: Frogtown Curling! Please make sure my dad doesnā€™t make any jokes about me! And always ABC

Maggie and Lucia (Little Lucy & Bee): I wish you two the best high school years together. And lane 5 for swimming!

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