Ava Kirr, Dartmouth

To Grace Loonan and Emily Robinette: Poets’ Society

To Avery Bowser: my most prized possession – Gerald the cello – and every bus’s honk

To Lucia Lazarus: the bacon egg and cheddar bagel and Johannes Hosflot Klaebo

To Ava Raiter and Sophia Katras: nordic glitter!

To Anna Maher and Lauren Kahley: a love of narwhals and big chunks of ice

To Molly Kolar: the duck shorts legacy – keep it alive and quacking! Also, the office of president! I can’t wait to see what you accomplish!!

To Maura McMahon: pancakes for dinner 😉 You are one of the kindest souls I have ever met and I will miss you so much!

To Lovey Farrell: leapfrog laps and all the puffy workouts! You’re so funny and you inspire me every day.

Lastly, to my dearest Evie Hansen: all my love and all the kittens in the world! You’re my favorite carpool buddy forever and ever and I’m only one call away!

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