Disposable Camera Trend: Should You Try It?

In the 1990s disposable cameras became a very popular way to take photos. Once digital cameras and iPhones became more easily available, disposable cameras seemed to disappear, but have become more popular recently due to social media. This includes a recent trend on Tik Tok featuring these cameras where people make videos of them using the cameras and show the results.

There have been several social media influencers that have also helped make them more popular, for example, David Dobrik. He has millions of followers on all social media platforms and started using these cameras in all his content. Dobrik started an Instagram account for his disposable camera photos and currently has 3.3 million followers. From this, he made his own disposable camera app which has 2.6 million users.

This summer I decided to hop on this trend. I bought two disposable cameras to use for my 16th birthday weekend. I invited my five closest friends over to celebrate and use the cameras throughout the weekend. We enjoyed the experience but I would not do it again. It cost me around $60 to buy two cameras and have them developed after use. Only about half the photos were good quality and others turned out blank or blurry. In the end, it was a fun experience but it was not worth the money and I do not recommend this trend.