Visitation Plant Guide: Garden Herbs

Visitation Plant Guide: Garden Herbs

With spring right around the corner it’s time to start thinking about what herbs you would like to plant in your garden. In the summertime, it’s fun to enjoy the outside while gardening. Having a garden is a very fulfilling experience and I 10/10 recommend. I will be talking about my favorite herbs to plant in the summer and what I do with them. 

Chives are a staple piece when it comes to herbs. They are very easy to take care of and are very useful in the kitchen. To grow chives, all you need is a pack of chive seeds. I recommend growing them in an outdoor pot. They are really easy to take care of and they are perennials which means they will come back each year. My family uses chives on our potatoes and to season other meals. 

Rosemary is a fragrant herb. You can grow it in a garden or in a pot. It is used in many dishes like seasoning for chicken.  I liked putting it in tea or putting it in my bath. It is very relaxing and smells amazing. 

Basil is my favorite herb. It is really easy to grow and has lots of uses. I personally buy pre grown basil and plant it in the garden. This summer my basil grew tremendously. At the top of the basil plant, you will see bunches of little basil leaves clumped together. These are called blooms. To make your basil leaves grow bigger, pinched off these blooms. All the growth energy goes to growing those blooms but if you pinch them off, the energy will go to growing bigger basil leaves. I used my basil to make pesto sauce and to make caprese. 

Mint is a very tasty herb to grow. With a lot of sunlight and water, it will grow into huge branches. Mint is an intruder plant which means that it will spread and grow in the areas around it. Mint needs a lot of space to grow. It also comes in a variety of kinds. This summer I planted mojito mint and strawberry mint. My parents used the mojito mint in their mixed drinks and I enjoyed making virgin mojitos with it. I added the strawberry mint to my water to give it a nice flavor. 

Cilantro is an enjoyable herb. It grows best in high light and needs lots of water. When watering cilantro, it is important to focus on watering the roots. Cilantro bruises easily so water gently. I use cilantro in my Hawaiian chicken wraps.