Hurricane Devastation Across the South


From August 26th to September 4th, 2021, Hurricane Ida was reported to rip through the South and other parts of the country, requiring billions of dollars in repairs. Louisiana, Cuba, Grand Isle, and other areas are among those areas affected. Damages in these locations are still being assessed, but Hurricane Ida has soon become  “the sixth most expensive hurricane in the United States since 2000,” according to forecasters.

Hurricane Ida unleashed heavy rains flooding streets, and basements. Millions of people lost power and died as a result. Residents who had their homes demolished are currently trying to rebuild their lives. Large tents (also known as base camps), trailers, and local parishes are being used as shelters. These emergency shelters are assigned to the ten most severely affected areas. FEMA (Federal Emergency Maintenance Agency)  is currently focusing on the urgent needs caused by Hurricane Ida.

Those whose homes are severely damaged or completely demolished are sleeping under tarps on their homes. The tents that FEMA will utilize are expected to take three to four days to assemble. Residents who prefer temporary housing may have to wait three to four weeks to acquire and assemble their home. When the call center opens, public notification will be sent to the impacted areas.

Although positive feedback has resulted from FEMA and its work, locals have grown impatient with the agency’s delayed response in providing housing systems for homes that have been destroyed. According to those who have been affected by Ida, “It’s so hot inside that tent.” Hurricane Ida has wreaked havoc upon government officials, citizens, and families with other relatives in the afflicted areas.