Easy, Healthy Snacks

Easy, Healthy Snacks

Caroline Sislo, Staff Writer

After a long 2020, eating healthy is probably not the first thing on many of our long stressful to-do lists. Eating healthy is proven to improve moods and creates motivation. After much research, I have found the best easy and healthy snacks. 


Charcuterie board: charcuterie boards and all about assembling. Once they are completed, they can be snacked on throughout the day. 


Fruits/veggies: Fresh-cut fruits and vegetables are simple and easy. Cutting a bunch at the beginning of the week will allow you quick access for the rest of the week. 


Green Tea with Ginger: this tea is amazing for our bodies. It speeds up our metabolism while cleaning our bodies from any acids. 



Salads: there are many different types of salads that can be useful whenever you are hungry. 


Pizza: homemade margarita pizza is easy, healthy, and delicious. (adding extra toppings provides amazing flavor bursts in your mouth!)


Smoothie Bowls: There are so many different flavors and toppings to add to your bowls which ensures that your taste buds never get bored.