Visitation Plant Guide: Garden Prep!

Visitation Plant Guide: Garden Prep!

Elle Klein, Freelance Editor

With summer right around the corner, we now can prepare for our lovely gardens. In this article, I will be giving my tips and tricks on preparing your garden for the summer!

To start we must plan our garden by choosing our plants! Once you have specified the plants you want to grow you need to figure out what size of garden you need. This is where Google comes in handy. If you are planting seeds, you can look up how much room you need to plant them. You can also go to the store and look at the back of the packaged seeds. I recommend following any recommendations given on the back of the package. You can also get pre-grown plants. The package will tell you how far to space them out. It may seem like a lot of space but once your plants start to grow you will understand why! Once you know how much room your plants will need, you now need to find a spot for them. There are many different ways to build a garden. I personally have a raised bed planter that I built. You can find these on Amazon!

Once you have your space for your garden, you must prep your soil! This is a very important step. The soil is a big nutrient for your plants. The soil you choose is based on the type of garden you have and what you are growing. There are different vegetable and herb mixes, as well as raised bed soils. I recommend getting organic soil. Once you pick your soil and have put it in your garden it is time to plant!

Before planting make sure the temperature isn’t too cold. I would recommend planting towards the end of May. To plant seeds each type of seed has specific instructions. These can be found on the back of the seed packets. For pre grown plants, some come with instructions but if they do not, I recommend Googling the name on the tag. It will be different for every plant. Follow the directions and you should be garden ready. Make sure to water when the soil is dry and enjoy your amazing garden!