You are Beautiful: The Power of Compliments

Astrid Kieser Kisting, Opinion Editor

You are beautiful, thoughtful, kind, resilient, compassionate, smart, and you matter. Didn’t that make you feel good? The value of a compliment is so underappreciated in society today that people are genuinely surprised when you compliment them. Recently, I have had people compliment me on my style, earrings, or that I am beautiful and have a nice smile. I took note of how it made me feel, and I feel like I matter. It didn’t take a lot for me to feel that way, but as people, we all have insecurities, and it’s nice to be told that we are kind, beautiful, and everything in between. I’m writing this article because I hope that it helps someone. I have personally started to compliment people more and smile at them because we never know what people are going through. If all else fails, be kind. We should praise people more instead of comparing ourselves to others.

Wouldn’t it be nice to say that you get compliments almost every day? It’s so hard to see beauty in ourselves because we always see the same face since the day we were born. When others compliment you, they truly mean it. I love telling people that they’re beautiful because nobody hears that enough. We need to tell people that they’re beautiful because that helps minimize body image issues. Also, if you tell someone they’re beautiful it usually means more than saying they are pretty. This is because when you call someone pretty, you are looking at their face, but when you tell someone they’re beautiful, you’re looking at their soul and personality. I encourage you to give five different people a day a compliment. It really makes a difference for someone, and I know they will be grateful.

Men, in particular, don’t get complimented nearly as much as they should be, but women get more compliments every so often. I think this is because men are taught from a young age to hide their emotions to appear more masculine. We should change this! Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves, and feel that they’re beautiful. A fun fact about compliments is that there is World Compliment Day is on March 1st every year. I hope you celebrate by complimenting people that you see throughout the day. Even though it’s one day out of the year, try and start now! Never underestimate the power of a compliment.