Class of 2024 Senior Willings Part One

Each year, Visitation seniors entrust their favorite traditions, possessions, and inside jokes to their underclassmen sisters for safekeeping. Here are the memories that the Class of 2024 wishes to share with you.
Melissa Remick- High Point University
Melissa Remick- High Point University

Kathryn Dobis: I will you the strength and confidence to keep on strongly moving throughout high school. It is never easy and it will for sure bring its struggles, but it will also have its positive moments. Make sure to strive for those. Please stay, you beautiful girl. And remember, I will always be only a call or a text away. 


Cece Wheaton and Emma Meschke: I will you the ability to annoy Jeff every cross-country practice. 


Hendry Benz: I will you West St. Paul DQ on random Tuesday nights. 


Katie Miller: I will you all of the funny photos of us in my phone(do with them as you wish).


Meave Murphy: I will you my joke book, to keep track workouts interesting.   


Lovey Farrell: I will you my dorm room, when you come and visit me. 

Paige Abbott-College of Saint Benedict
Paige Abbott-College of Saint Benedict

Work as hard as you can each day. Surround yourself with people who care for you and want only the best and the end results will be more than what you could imagine. 


Elle Springer and Abbie Farley: I will you our Monday debriefs, early morning lifts, and Ros workouts. I know you two will be amazing as seniors leaders in all aspects and will do so well in your last year of high school. I can’t wait for trio reunions. 


Sam Wills: I will you our families, cabin trips, my closet, Big Macs and the Top Gun theme song. Make sure everyone stays alive and the houses don’t burn down and please visit a lot. I’m always here for you and can’t wait to see all you accomplish. 


Ella Matschina: I will you Sam Wills, keep her in line. 


Merry Miller: I will you the best next years of high school! Keep being your smiley self and I can’t wait to see you grow into the amazing young women that you are becoming. 


Kiersti Joeger: I will you my G-town blue morph suit, Nerd gummy clusters, and the ability to dance during practice as much as possible. I’ll miss my practice buddy but I’m so excited to be able to see you become the leader you are. 


Lilli Molinaro: I will you my lax penny and many more runs to Caribou/Starbucks after soccer and lax. I’ll miss our carpools!

Kate Walsh- Indiana University
Kate Walsh- Indiana University

To Meghan Walsh: The Acura, Italian gelato, the endless 0.5 photos, our track relay handoffs, and Grunkle Stan 

To Frannie Eldredge: Chairlift talks and the Eleanor Ave legacy 

To Gabi Leon: Crumbl cookies and the Sprint warm-up leader for track

To Anna Francis: Our Vis carpool and the Buck Hill halfpipe 

To Nora Sonnenberg: Our favorite speed endurance days and the Chick-fil-A baton 

Alexandra Kappenman- University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Alexandra Kappenman- University of Minnesota Twin Cities

To my divers,

I will Lauren Kahley the honor of being the only upperclassman and carpool driver.

I will Sama Johnson the responsibility of getting the divers to practice on time and ensuring the gas station stops are efficient.

I will Maddy Baumgardner the power of the AUX in the diving carpool. I trust in your music taste.


To Maren Kinsella, I will Never Ever Give Up Club. Your kindness and responsibility will make you the perfect leader of my beloved club.

To Julia Kappenman, I will be my beloved Nissan Rogue. I hope you have the joy of spilling Starbucks into the seat cracks and many laughs during carpool rides with friends.

Ella Doyle-University of Wisconsin Madison

To Audrey- I will you the strength to struggle to load The Scooter and your softball bag in the car every morning. 


To Lillie- I will you the aux (which consists exclusively of SOS from Mama Mia or Did I Mention? from Descendants).


To the Artist Guild, I will you a paintbrush and a dream. I hope you realize how much the school (and I) value the beautiful art you create and share with everyone! 


To Veda (“mom”) and Hannah Rae (“sister”)- I will you the title of “grandma.” Next time you play family in service with the kids, make sure the grandma is worthy of such a title. 


The next yearbook team- I will you the endurance to withstand endless hours trying to log into YB Ave with the Vis WiFi.

Caroline Connor-Indiana University
Caroline Connor-Indiana University

To Hannah Rae Schreier and Veda Mehaffey: the tripod, DQ runs, McDonald’s diet cokes, getting yelled at by the refs when doing clock/book, SM6 band sightings, vending machine scams, the shot clock, and my French skills.


To Payton Poehls and Reeve Wolf: the best 3 more years at Vis.

Nora Kane-Marquette University
Nora Kane-Marquette University

Claire Kane- My car and all the trash I’ve left in it for you to clean up, the remainders of my closet, “Hug Me”, and being the new big sister at home

Maggie Bergeron- Claire Kane

Anna Francis- The best secretary ever (you’re gonna do great things!)

Sarah Nation and Eleanor Dubois- the legacy of the STA football mannies and the best time of your entire life


Sophie Galioto-Creighton University
Sophie Galioto-Creighton University

Josie Parkos and Malia Soldo: Jazz Band Carpool and to lead the clarinet section 


Olivia Gast and Maria Fasano: the pep band whiteboard 


All the band Girls: To keep the torch of the VISTA band alive!


Emily Robinette: To Lead Garden Club next year solo 


Jenna Revnew-San Diego State University
Jenna Revnew-San Diego State University

Dani Krech: Bridget, driving Kassiqueen to practice, and somebody else to watch falling on LiveBarn…oh! and my dorm room floor 🙂

Kassidy Arvin: The passenger seat of the carpool. 

Kate Gordon, Elle Springer, Vivian Chard, and Abbie Farley: The Soccer Lab and all the faith, family, and fútbol you could ever ask for!

Izzie Dzubnar and Claire Kane: Locker room dance parties, and lots of hallway hugs and smiles!

Dani Krech, Abby Hemauer, and Cece Wheaton: Many many post-practice meetings with Tom. 

Reeve Wolf and Payton Poehls: The best high school experience and all the Georgetown dawg pride!!

Sam Vander-Bloeman University of Kansas
Sam Vander-Bloeman University of Kansas

Lily Vander Bloemen – I will you my car, my favorite sweater (Samantha) & my room.

Ava Raiter-Boston College
Ava Raiter-Boston College

Make in every moment you spend at Vis, because it will be over before you know it. Remember to be authentic, try new things, and have fun being in high school! Your time at Vis is what you make of it, so go into every opportunity with a smile and a positive attitude.


To Lucia Lazarus, Lauren Kahley, and Lovey Farrell: The Nordic Team & Glitter!


To Anna Garey and Lulu Oxford: The Choir First Soprano Section!


To Lulu Oxford and Gabi Leon: The Vis Habitat for Humanity Chapter!


To Kerra Casey and Magdalena Matthews (my little sisters): Three more wonderful years at Vis! Cherish them, they will go by so fast 🙂 

Grace Nilsson-Creighton University
Grace Nilsson-Creighton University

Maggie Bergeron: My brother, Sam

Lucia Lazarus: Our carpool. Please warn Mollee to drive extra safely on the days you’re gone for senior retreat.

Maggie Farley and Lucia Lazarus: The Chicks 🙂

Ellie Murray-Santa Clara University
Ellie Murray-Santa Clara University

Catherine Paske – the best high school experience  

Hannah Rae – The 4th & lower school retreats 

Cece Bennett – GATOR NATION 


Kate Killian-University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Kate Killian-University of Minnesota Twin Cities

To Dani Krech: I will you the ability to drive yourself to secret places. Don’t forget to hmu for a ride too. Venmo: katekillian1

To Izzie Dzubnar: I will you SOF, car rides home, tickle time, jumps in the hall, and all the love I have for you pumpkin. 

To Grace Meisterling: I will you tickle time and the ugly guys you find somehow attractive. 

To all three: I will you all the best high school experience filled with friends and funny moments. I hope you all keep in touch, I love and miss you all. 

To the Hockey Captains: I will you guys the bucket of pucks. 

Katie Nelson-University of Denver
Katie Nelson-University of Denver

To Lilli Molinaro- Pre-practice donuts at Starbucks 

To Abbie Farley and Maggie Farley- Math class debriefs 

To Claire Kane- Keep an eye on Andrew for me 😉

To Hannah Rae Schreier- All the Wheeling hype!!

Sophia Katras-The College of Saint Benedict
Sophia Katras-The College of Saint Benedict

To Josie Katras: Listening to classical music with Dad on the way to school


To Hannah Choi: Braiding beads into everyone’s hair during shows


To Claire Kane: Laughing hysterically in the costume room 


Vivian Chard and Kate Gorden: I will you guys the state fair, Sue Dillon, big bowl, ice baths, canes workers, the backseats of the soccer bus, icy hot, freshman fun night, the JHP550, ice spice + blue Gatorade, and the best senior year and soccer season!! I hope you make lots of trips to Piada. I will miss you guys so much, so please make sure to visit me in Colorado. #BOZOFL. 


Anna Francis: I will you Coca-Cola Lite, Coca-Cola Normal, and coca Coca-Cola Zero and all of the memories from Alpine freshman year with Anna and Lilly.


Zambia girls: Anna, Gabi, Maggie, and Cece, I will you girls all of the memories and experiences we got to share on this trip (especially with Nancy and YamiKani). I encourage you to share all of the fun we had, the tears we shed, the beauty we saw, and most importantly, the life-changing lessons we learned. Please show the younger girls how special this opportunity was so that the trip may continue!!


Ella Twomey: You are the best little sister and I hope you enjoy your time at Vis! I will you some Aurora spirit.

Chrisarely A.O.-University of Saint Thomas
Chrisarely A.O.-University of Saint Thomas

Faith: I will you all my candy and snacks, gotta make sure you have enough for next year!  

Dah: I will you my naps in class and keep having that fun and positive spirit at Vis. You are such a fun person to be around. Thank you for our friendship. 

Nyemah:  I will you one of the SOCS Leadership, I know you will lead with confidence and represent SOCS with pride. You have the prettiest smile, and seeing you have so much confidence in yourself makes me very proud of you. Always remember that you are beautiful. 

Susan: I will you my math homework (aka the money is now at $100) You have been such a blessing in my life, you manage to always put a smile on my face just by seeing you. I will forever cherish our memories. 

Mrs Blum: I will you my mood swings, and us trying to learn TikTok dances. I am going to miss you so much, there will be no counselor who is better than you! I am very grateful that you helped me out with my journey of self-growth. You are the Daisy to my Minnie Mouse

Mrs. Cross: I will you our tea time, make sure you prepare yourself for more tea when I come back to visit. You have been very patient with me and for that I thank you. You are such a wonderful person, every time I talk to you I always feel safe. You are the music to my ears.

Señora Rosas: I will you a piece of my quiet warrior, along with all my love ahora y para siempre. I am so thankful for having our relationship, it is really special and I will forever love and thank you for teaching me how to be confident, because of you, I now can step out of my comfort zone. Muchas Gracias por todo.

MJ: I love that you love Dr.Pepper as much as I love Dr.Pepper. You are beautiful inside and out. You have taught me how to be gentle with people. I know that you will make a difference at Visitation because you have a strong and bright personality. You are the Dr. to my Pepper

Lisa: I will you my yapping in the peddler. I admire you so much because there is not one day when you aren’t smiling. You are always smiling and always have a positive attitude. You have taught me to think positively and to just be happy in life. I will come back for more snacks!!

Bella Sutton: You remind me of my younger self, and I know that you will keep brightening people’s days at Vis. You would brighten my day every time I saw you in the hallways. 

Mrs.Sutton: I will you all the latest TikTok trends, and make sure you impress your students with the dap up that I taught you so you can be known as the kool with a k and not cool with a c teacher. You are the best teacher EVER!!

Indira : I will you our chisme time Pookie. I look up to you as the older sister I never had. I have enjoyed getting to know you since 8th grade and thank you for always treating me as if I’m a part of your family. You are the Pookie to my Bear. ( See you at your house, your house is my house <3) 

Kathryn Dobis: I will you the Visitation math department, we both know you LOVE math, I also will you all of our middle school memories, ily

Mrs.Baca:  I enjoy the memories we’ve had with each other and knowing that you are my comfort person makes me happy and it better make YOU happy. You are the lilo to my stitch 


Tessa Lindstrom-University of Denver
Tessa Lindstrom-University of Denver

To Hendry Benz: The Vis swim carpool, Shake Summ, Jimmy Johns before meets, and for always being inclusive and kind to the younger classmen. 


To Eloise Prettyman: the before-swim hype playlist, distance sets, vanilla ice cream cones, keeping Nate on his toes, and Zupas. Wishing you the very best high school experience, I am so proud of you!! 


To Merry Miller: post dryland car drives and jam sesh, cake pops, making fun of Katie, your competitive drive that makes the team work harder and be better, and the future of the Vis Swim! 


To Kathryn Dobis: I will you Drew 🙂 Thank you for being my parent’s favorite. I love how generous you are with everything you do. Remind Drew to answer my calls and to make time for spontaneous adventures! 


-To Madeline Byrne: endless dryland makeup sessions and constant laughter and positivity in the locker room. Please keep Coach Ethan company and continue our love for rap music at practice!


-To Drew: both seats in the car, not just the left one. Don’t forget to send me Walter, Stanley, and Norman pictures and updates daily. Thank you for being my best friend and the best brother; the Luke to my Hailey. Thank you for reminding me to never stop laughing! Remember I am one call away, and I am so excited to see how you will continue to thrive in high school, tennis, and beyond. I can’t wait for many weekend visits to Denver!! Go Pios!! Love you Poodle!! 


To Ava Anderson: thank you for reminding me to not take things so seriously. You have the ability to make everyone around you laugh and feel loved, I am looking forward to hearing many updates from you and will be cheering you on!! 


To Marge Kenny: the Women Activist Club, keep being you!! 


Sophia Kyba-Hillsdale College
Sophia Kyba-Hillsdale College

To Olivia Gast and Maria Fasano: I will you the pep band whiteboard

To Malia Soldo: I will you my half of the jazz band carpool 

To Heritage Aluko and Josie Parkos: I will you the responsibility of taking solos in jazz 🙂

To all the band girls: I will you the torch of keeping the VISTA band alive!!!

To Madeline Naseth-Phillips: I will you the flower garland and my hope that you will continue to make the Visitation ballet program thrive for the rest of your high school years!

Kate Lehman-Creighton University
Kate Lehman-Creighton University

Amelia Wiitanen- Pottery class, your spot on my Spotify family plan, hand-me-down dance dresses, Colter Wall music, AirBuds

Emma Hoagland- Texas Roadhouse, Sutton’s room, Apple Valley Applebees on Wednesday nights

Marge Kenny- Period 5 Spanish, freshman commons couch 

Magdalena, Olivia, Belen & Maddie- Golf carpool, samples of the spicy Starbucks, holiday gas stations

Charlotte P- FSCS, pottery


Claire Kodama-Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Claire Kodama-Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Anh Nguyen: In conclusion, 总而言之 → you’re the bestest person I know, I can’t wait to see where you go next!

Catherine Carlquist: Be nice, 专心, your face, haha indeed → It’s been a blast having an almost-sister for the past two years, wishing you the best in future endeavors!

Ava Miller: Much obliged → four hands make light work, so engineering was heavyyy

Addison Bowser: “yep- yep- yep- yep-” → I’ll miss our perfectly plotted conversations! I hope you continue Chinese, you amaze me every class!

Hendery Benz, Makenna Ho, Justine Romain: Best of luck with golf in these next couple seasons! Take all the lessons you can from it, and don’t be afraid to speak your mind… 

Lauren Ho-William and Mary
Lauren Ho-William and Mary

Makenna Ho: The red jeep and the mental fortitude to stay in school.

Zoe Faust, Molly Hulting, and Margaret Backstrom: Our swim carpool! Zoe and Molly, stop letting Margaret tell you what to do!

Kate Lee: My calc notes #officiallydonekatekeeping 🙂

Isa, Juan, and Lupe: Gartic Phone and Pez <3

Isabel Jimenez and Frannie Elderedge: A super awesome next 3 years!!!

Charlotte Smith-University of Tampa
Charlotte Smith-University of Tampa

My dearest Mary Kate, I will you the best most sunkissed tan from your olive oil and the strength to not suffer from extreme FOMO while I’m gone. I will you all the laughter in the world and, most importantly, I will you the role of the new oldest daughter in our trio.. good luck.


Fergie (Elizabeth Ferguson), I will you all the laughter in the world, and my baby girl MK


Natalie, I will you the motivation to keep your math grade up and go to practice every day- don’t skip!! I’ll always learn math with you and answer all your texts of homework help and review your shein cart before you check out.


Aixa Guadarrama Ajustiniano, I will you all the hot track guys at meets, my presence as your bridesmaid at your wedding with Cooper boy, and a flight to come to visit me in Spain. I will you all my love bb


Kaya Farooq, I will you the strength to push through speed & endurance days, the motivation to achieve your high academic and athletic goals, and a trip to visit you in Germany. You have the kindest soul, never change who you are. I will you all my good luck for those PRs


Audrey DuBois, I will you and Nat an endless amount of fast food runs, a (couple) daily McDonald’s burgers no patty…and the whole McDonald’s menu along with my “most likely to be at McDonald’s” award


Lilli Molinaro, I will you my makeup bag for a full face before every race and a trip to visit me in Tampa


Lauryn Wangburg (& Audrey DuBois), I will you all my Roblox, a new ski carpool that stops at Sephora and McDonald’s, and as my Vis little sister, I will you and Audrey my fr little sister


Jordyn Jarpe and Marie Jacobson, I will you two bomb sports pics and our record relay times


Claire Kane, I will you as the new expert of doing handstands on your hoverboard

Izze Engel-College of the Holy Cross
Izze Engel-College of the Holy Cross

Lucia Lazarus – Sunday night scaries counting up House Points at 10 pm


Maggie Farley, Lucia Lazarus, Lily Noble, Kate Lee, and Gigi Ryan –  Billionaire Aspirations, the Terrifying Board Presentations, and lots of Chipotle Burritos 


Emma Hoagland – My spot on Mrs. Sutton’s Couch   


Sarah Pico – All my stats notes and my orange overalls #inchwormpride


Hendry Benz – The Bin Fling  


Sam Wills and Grace Twomey – Daily Bubbl’r/Celsius/Redbull/Water Spills in Calc


Maia Sutton – Mandatory GUESS WHAT HAPPENED walks in the hallways during flex


My Little Sisters – The best four years at Vis! Enjoy every minute, live in the moment, and make all of the friends you can! 


 Sophia Geis, Lovey Ferrel, Anna Francis, Lucia Lazarus, and Grace Twomey – All of the love in the world, the best of luck, Mr. Nelson’s snack cabinet raid, and the best time of your life at SLC!

Sophia Juarez-Valerio
Sophia Juarez-Valerio

Nyemah- I will you our moments of laughter, and talking in the hallways, and make sure to keep your confidence so bright that it strives to the sky. I will forever admire and respect that about you and you will be an amazing leader and will inspire others to be the same.

Dah- I will you my motivation as you strive to keep a business and still attend school. I respect your hustle and being your true self everywhere I see you. Keep being your loud, bubbly self!!

MJ- I will you my math assignments, trust you’re smarter than me and you will pass math if I did. Love making fun of you but know I will always bring you a dr. pepper to make up for it.

Mrs. Sutton- I will you our amazing side talks in class that got us a little off-tracked from class but enough to tie into the next slide in class. Thanks for letting me share about the guy friends with a 3 million snap score. May you always embrace being the proud Italian from New York you are.

Susan- I will you all my bribery tricks as I would ask you to do my math cause we all know I’m failing every test and quiz. Even though my $60 offer wasn’t enough I like your hustle. And thank you for helping me not fail math, you’re a real one!

Señora Rosas- I will you my love, drive, and passion for minority students who don’t feel seen or heard at Vis. I appreciate your gentle strength and you allowing your students to go to your room and vent on the oppression and feeling let out in a space because they appear different physically.

Ginny Kraus-Creighton University
Ginny Kraus-Creighton University

“You are SO LOVED. So, go and love.”


Amina Savoie, Josie Katras, May Knorr, Lucy Nash, Zoe Lafferty, and all freshmen in theater: future VISTA shows that bring you so much joy!! I can’t wait to see all the ways you shine! (P.S. Please keep Eli in check for me)


Anna, May, and Abigail: “The Lord Bless You and Keep You” (One of my favs) and comfy choir robes (if that’s even possible). Keep singing and finding your voice!


Emma Hoagland, Lucia Michel, Katherine Koalska, Meara Brendel: The second semester period 4 Environmental Science Legacy


Maia Sutton: Friday Morning Prayer, perfectly executed psalms at Mass, a Full Circle that does NOT include any pirates or hippies, and a beautiful senior year! Words are incapable of describing how grateful I am for you. Remember that I’m only a call away. So proud of you and all you are. <3


Meara Brendel: My shadow! I will you the strength to continue to cast your own shadow. You are the coolest and so incredibly talented; I am so proud of you. I’m grateful for you and wish you the best senior year.


Gabi Leon: I will you bison (not buffalo) and all of the naughtiest prairie dogs in the world. 😉 Thank you for being willing to take on such big projects with Evie and me! The world is brighter (and a little greener 🙂 with you in it!


Amina Savoie and Grace Deeb-Peterson: St. Louis spirit and the best four years of high school!

(Ellen Dziubek)
Nohelia Schmidt-Saint Louis University

Maia- all my Spanish knowledge and a fun senior year

Anh and Kayla- Georgetown pride

Julia K- a fun high school experience

Grace Keeley-Georgetown University
Grace Keeley-Georgetown University

To Sam Wills, I will you the energy to keep up with our little brothers and all of their shenanigans; keep Grant and Joey in line for me 


To Lily Noble & Charloette Plessner, I will you all of the Strawberry Acai Refreshers and Bacon, Egg & Gouda sandwiches that the Burnsville Starbucks has to offer, the ability to always find a parking spot in the Buck Hill parking lot, a constant supply of (overpriced) Buck Hill hot chocolate, countless furry sightings at Afton Alps, and the occasional “Walmart Jack Black” encounter.


To Maggie Farley, Lucia Lazarus, Lily Noble, Gigi Ryan & Kate Lee, my Big-money Ballers, I will you the courage to kill it in stock presentations, impeccable ROI, and more success in CMG (yes, you can justify your excessive Chipotle purchases by saying it’s for Investment Club).


To Meryl Rosenberger & Maia Sutton, I will you Service Club


To Meryl Rosenberger & Lauren Cameron, I will you the Visitation Tennis Instagram, the courage to plan and go all out for crazy Captian’s Practice themes, the best Senior Night ever (just like you did for me), and the loudest LET’S GO BIG REDs in the history of Visitation Tennis; I promise you, you will blink and the season will be over so cherish every moment, even when Molly makes you do conditioning 


To Jordyn Jarpe, the little sister I never had, I will you the ability to attend all of the David Kushner concerts in existence, the duty of texting me every single day when I’m gone, the job of being my personal outfit stylist, the ability to win 2048 Cupcakes and my endless love and support; it has been an honor being a part of your “audience for life updates” for these past six years I cannot wait to see what you accomplish


To Kiersti Joerger, I will you Cane’s runs after tennis sections, Morgan Wallen tickets (we’ll make it there one day, I promise), my doubles spot, a date with Ben Shelton, and all the hugs you gave me when I needed it the most.  


To The Sisters of Chalet 13, Maggie Farley & Cece Hennis, I will you top-of-the-line neck pillows, Ethiopian Airlines chicken or beef, the ability to wear muscle tees without being shamed, and no more run-ins with wild pizza stealing monkeys; keep getting out there and exploring the world, I can’t wait to see where your next adventure takes you, I love you to Zambia and back #GirlsCanTravelToo


To Eleanor Dubois, I will you Crocus Hill, keep an eye out for my dogs in the front yard  


To Anna Francis, I will you my ability to always be prompt to alpine practice and all of my Georgetown pride; bring my dawgs to victory next year


To Frannie Eldredge, I will you Kathleen, Meghan, and my Bagelria 


To Erica Brandt, I will you The Visitation Voice; keep amplifying the voices of our school


To Nora Commers, I will you our rides to the Fort and the job of bringing the hype on the courts 


To my little sisters, Izzie Dzubnar and Mae Knorr, I will you the most amazing next three years filled with many totchos, memories, and laughs with friends.

Kenley Barberot-Vanderbilt University
Kenley Barberot-Vanderbilt University

Josie Katras, I will you Judge’s favorite witness. 


Nora Commers, I will you tennis debriefs, all things yapping, and brunches. 


Leah Passe, I will you math group geniuses. 


Marge Kenny, I will you Women ActiVISts Club.

Meg Murphy-Gustavus Adolphus College
Meg Murphy-Gustavus Adolphus College

To Maeve Murphy, my wonderful sister I will you our state-of-the-art Honda Pilot so you can leave the house whenever you want (and finally get to aux 😉 )


To Gracie Lund, Gemma Sutton, Evie O’Neill, and Emmy Jimenez our spontaneous trips to McDonald’s and our talks backstage during a show


To Pole Vaulting Team (Kerra, Cadence, Jordan, Eleanor, Kennedy, Isabella) Our chats on the pit before practice and our amazing team spirit 


To Kaya Farooq, our excellent 4 x 1 and to have a great 3 more years here, Go Gators! 

Solana Arriondo
Solana Arriondo

To Bella Strobel: Our post-engineering/mid-costume crew visits to the Sam’s Club cafe and Alex Turner

To Meryl Rosenberger: The Sharp Things Poke Tally

To Ava Miller: My Doors poster and all our engineering projects

To Meara Brendel: Our theater foyer talks, all my fashion knowledge, and that specific picture of Bob Dylan

To Maren Kinsella: Our chats during flex and handing out flowers after the spring musical

To Madeline Byrne and Claire Kane: Our beloved Rock Club, take care of it and rock on

To Costume Crew: The tearaway trench coat, the horse butt, and the comfort of knowing I won’t be on aux

Kathryn Bonneville-University of Saint Thomas
Kathryn Bonneville-University of Saint Thomas

Madeline Byrne- I will you rushing to Riptide after school, having to walk in late in our uniforms, and Riptide Lane 7

Mollee Ditzler – I will you all the tiles from the STA pool and the backstroke group 

Claire Kane and Madeline Byrne- I will you Rock Club

Lucia Lazarus – I will you “voy pescado” 

Ella Bergeron-Creighton University
Ella Bergeron-Creighton University
  1. Maggie Bergeron- I will you the Subaru, it’s broken trunk, the hula dancer on the dash, and the aux cord that works 60% of the time. Stay safe out there, look both ways at Dodd red lights before turning right, and remember that there are enough clothes in the trunk that you could live out of it for a week if need be. 
  2. Kiersti Joerger, Ella Matschina, and Clare Kane- I will you Maggie Bergeron. Don’t let her do anything I wouldn’t do. I give you my full permission to override her aux cord rights if she goes outside the Taylor Swift, Noah Kahan, and Zach Bryan requirements. Keep her in check 🙂   
  3. To MJ Naseth Phillips and Lucy Nash- I will you the best 3 years! Don’t take anything too seriously and stay present! Get to know everyone in your class and it will make everything way more fun! You are going to have a blast! 
  4. To the Next Superfan- I will you my red Blazers cowbell, DM me when you know who you are and I will be sure to get it to you! Stay positive, be excited, show up, and make it a great week! 


Evie Hansen
Evie Hansen

Maeve Murphy: All the 20 questions someone can take in a run and the duck shorts legacy. 

Lucia Lazarus: Early morning Caribou after Nordic weightlifting and my full attention to your cheer routines. 

Emma Meschke and Cece Wheaton: The most iconic distance duo and healthy legs (don’t get hurt!)

Gabi Leon: The environmental sustainability club (burn that prairie!) 

Lovey Farrell: The most wonderful senior year ever and queen of the track distance team and the art suite (keep making art you are AMAZING!)

Maura McMahon-University of Notre Dame
Maura McMahon-University of Notre Dame

To Lovey Farrell: I will you the flag crank and key! Do your special VP job with pride 🙂 and just so you know, there’s a bit of a learning curve to the MS circle flagpole, but you got this!

To Exec Board ’24-’25: I will you all the best memories at SLC, love and unity with each other, and, of course, Nellie. Lean on each other, remember to have fun, and participate, don’t anticipate!

To Abbie Farley, Kate Gordon, Vivian Chard, and Elle Springer: I will you the captainship of Vis soccer. You are all so deserving of this leadership role. Support each other and have the best time!

To Maia Sutton: I will you the ACTUAL Shouncil notes document and the greatest cinnamon roll moments. Savor your senior year next year and know that I’m always here for you.

To Reese Foley and Lilli Molinaro: I will you the best three years at Vis!! Live each moment in the present and do all things enthusiastically!

To every Vis upper schooler: I will you all of my love and this piece of advice: throw yourself into school events and activities with joy and enthusiasm. Remember that you will get the best out of a situation only if you give your best. Enter into everything (and I mean everything- mass, class meetings, dodgeball, tests, any conversation) with positivity, and the outcomes may drastically improve. Lastly, soak up your time at Vis and fill each other up with love. It goes by so fast!

Audrey Sheehan
Audrey Sheehan

Hannah Rae Scherier- window-cracking karaoke sessions, our hibernation song, and our “Rolling Stones” curling team.

Veda Mehaffey- a spot in the Butcher parking lot next to Dairy Queen, our “Rolling Stones” curling team, and the entire Scrub Satchel franchise.  

Honora Mundy- Friday morning car rides and the spot as the younger sister I’ve always wanted.

Olivia Schletz, Maddie Baumgardner, and Evelyn Johnson- the best next 3 years at Vis!

Iris Huerta-Trinity College
Iris Huerta-Trinity College

Ella Matschina: I will you the Vis swim Insta

Maggie Farley: My go-to person and Uma of course 

Abbie Farley and Elle Springer: I will the circle table in the heart and the endless whiteboard hashtags and endless talks (orange)

Merry Miller and Olivia Schletz: I wish you two the best high school years, endless winking, and matching each other’s energy!

Lucia Lazurs: I will you the monthly debriefs and catching up and of course the best hashtag maker ever!!!!

Molly Ditzler: I will you the debriefs in the car and endless smiles and laughs

Vis swim captains: I will you guys Nate and continuing the Vis swim family and spirit #rollblaze

Lucia Castro-University of Wisconsin-Madison
Lucia Castro-University of Wisconsin-Madison

I will Cora Castro our pre-school Starbucks runs and car singing productions, all the microwave popcorn in the world, my Wacky Wednesday socks, and my pickleball paddles. 

I will Lilli Molinaro every pre-ski Starbucks convo, the best hiking skills, and the most hilarious chairlift rides. 

I will Abbie Farley my sisters and my dogs. Look out for them when I’m gone!

I will Hendry Benz the Vis swim Lane 2. 

I will Sam Wills the Somerset dodgeball cheers and all the possible green face paint.  Continue our legacy and always GO GATORS.

Molly Kolar-University of Notre Dame
Molly Kolar-University of Notre Dame

To Sophia Geis: I will you the office of President, and all the joys that come with it, including my bulk package of disposable shower caps that you can hopefully use for some event next year because I don’t know what to do with them anymore. I can’t wait to watch you make the school a better place! Never doubt yourself!


To the new exec board – Sophia, Lovey, Anna, Lucia, and Grace: I will you Mr. Nelson’s snack closet, the Sunday Scaries that will come with weekly Monday assemblies, and the insane workout that is keeping your legs daintily crossed at assemblies (it’s harder than it looks). I can’t wait to watch you all lead next year and hear all about SLC!


To the lacrosse team: I will you infinite joy in the best sport in the world. Keep being your friendly, feisty selves. I will miss you so much! Gracia – I will you all 24 of my hot pink swax balls. Indoor practices will have nothing on you! Abbie – I pass down the tradition of team trivia to you. Make me proud! Caroline – I will you the role of “team braider,” something I have to admit I am happy to retire from (I let out a sigh of relief the day I heard you could braid). Keep the team looking stylish for game days! Love you all!


To Maribelle and Sama: I will you Starbucks stomach aches before practice. Thanks for bringing so much joy into my ski season! Best carpool ever!


To Kate Gorden: I will you my legendary black and yellow dodgeball overalls, which were passed on to me last year. I hear they might give you magic dodgeball powers. Keep the Cougar spirit up! I’ll still be cheering for STL long after I graduate!


To Veda: I will you the position of curling moderator and my spot in the Duluth state tournament. I also will you an insane amount of Duluth curling club stickers that I hoarded from the tournament and now don’t have a purpose for. Just what you wanted! Remember – always be curling!


To Lovey: I will you question of the day, daily ice bath selfies, and, with that, choose your own adventure games to pass the time. Remember to always find the joy in running. The last one truly is the fast one!


To my little sisters, Maria and Addison: I will you the best little sisters when you’re a senior someday, just like I have now! I hope your next three years at Vis are filled with incredible memories and friendships! 


To Maddie Baumgardner: I will you three more years of finding joy in the car rides to school and the insane amount of Taylor Swift music that comes with that. Thanks for keeping me awake and laughing every morning, sharing my hatred for C days, and spilling all your dance drama. Always remember what a gift it is to have 20 whole minutes each morning to not have to worry about anything! I’m so glad our paths crossed again after OLG, and I will really miss our car rides. 


To Maggie Bergeron: I will you our lunch table jokes. Carry on our humor once Ella and I leave Vis! Thanks for being the little sister I never had. Because you are my honorary little sister, you are required to visit me at college!


To the entire upper school: I will you Wacky Sock Wednesday – probably the number one thing I was most committed to at Vis! Remember that it is small things like this that make life magical and can turn a random Wednesday into the best day of the week!

Luca Vannelli-Texas Christian University
Luca Vannelli-Texas Christian University

Kenzie Glasglow-I will you a great next three years at Vis and Georgetown dodgeball wins.

Salm Wills, Conchita Farley, Lupe Springer, Graciela Twomey, Evita Birk, and Anita Francis-I will you el laboratorio de lenguaje.

Abbie and Maggie Farley –  will you math debriefs and Calc chats.

Grace Loonan-University of Notre Dame
Grace Loonan-University of Notre Dame

Lovey Farrell, Lucia Lazarus, and Lauren Kahley: the Nordic team:) I admire your leadership, and there’s no one I’d rather have guiding the team through this rocky transition period from coach to coach to coach. If it ever gets to be overwhelming, just sing Ms. Burg’s “Nordic Style” to yourself and you’ll feel better:)


Cece Wheaton and Lovey Farrell: the cross-country team! I know you’ll keep the fun to a maximum and the injuries and lightning strikes to a minimum 😉


Emma Meschke and Maeve Murphy: post-run stretches and ice baths


Gracie Peterson, Hazel Brockman, Lovey Farrell: Ranking Running Restrooms (feel free to simply continue it in spirit if you’d prefer)


Catherine Paske: Nordic skiing (again, feel free to simply continue it in spirit if you’d prefer)


Lucia Michel, Clara Crow, and Katherine Koalska: our epic Soprano 2 section


Meara Brendel: an endless supply of poetic inspiration! I’m gonna miss you so much next year <3


Maia Sutton: many more deep talks about defining moments!


Anh Nguyen: RESET Club—bring it back for me!


Meara Brendel, Emily Robinette, Erika Brandt, and Meryl Rosenberger: Poets’ Society!!


Meryl Rosenberger, Erika Brandt: STAND Club… maybe do what I did NOT do and start planning meetings before March:)


Kate Buechele: our film industry!!


Kate Buechele, Aixa Guadarrama Ajustiniano, and Claudia Haas: an amazing high school experience. I’m so grateful to have had such wonderful Vis Little Sisters as you three. <3


Gracie Peterson and Hannah Choi: track managers!! 


Fynn O’Keefe: my track bucket hat— wear it proudly


Nora Sonnenberg: anchoring the 4×4!! there’s a reason Jeff keeps putting you in it…


Bella Strobel, Claire Kane, and Hannah Choi: goofing off in the costume room! you guys always make me smile:)


Maria Fasano: our Nordic carpool!


Josie Katras: carpools and boba tea runs!!


Josie Katras, Amina Savoie, Lucy Nash, and May Knorr: the spring musical (and many pre-shows!)—the people make the long rehearsals more than worth it:)


Josie Katras and Julia Kappenman: an awesome first semester of sophomore year—you’ll have to tell me all about it at our Christmas party!


Cecelia Wynia: all of my love and a speedy recovery to running and skiing!


Bella Castro and Ava Bungener: waving and chatting in the hallways! I don’t know if you know this, but you guys are like my good luck charms—I always do better on a math assessment if I see one of you just before or after I take it!


Lily Noble: a great upperclassmen experience! 


Sam Wills and Ava Anderson: the training room!! take care of Emily for me next fall


Margaret Kenny and Lucia Michel: VISTORY 2022


Everyone that I’ve mentioned above, as well as everyone in the Classes of 2025, 2026, and 2027: I love and admire you all so much, and you’ve all made my days at Vis so much brighter. I hope that the rest of your time here is everything you hope it is and more! If you’re ever in South Bend, don’t hesitate to reach out—my dorm is always open 🙂

Maddie Kennedy-Iowa State University
Maddie Kennedy-Iowa State University

Advice: Don’t worry too much about the future stay in the present enjoying your time now otherwise you might miss out on all the fun.


To Sophia Geis I will you the #6 Soccer Jersey and the most amazing senior year. I can’t wait to come back and watch you play!!


To Charolette Plessner, Lily Noble, and Murphy Glass I will you all the laughter and joy in the world.


To Maia Sutton, Lucia Lazarus, and Maggie Farley I will you Hot Seat in Sra. Langhoff’s Room.


To Abbie Farley, Elle Springer, Kate Gordon and Vivian Chard I will you Vis Soccer Captainship!! 


To My Little Sisters, I wish you the best in your next 3 years of high school and don’t take a moment for granted because it goes by in a blink of an eye!

Clare Hedman-University of Denver
Clare Hedman-University of Denver

Sam Wills: I will you my Highlander, Venti pink drinks, and Blazer Lay-Ups

Elle Springer: I will you Emma Meschke, the human translator in Period 5 Spanish, and the wheelchair in the Athletic Foyer

Hannah Rae Schreier: I will you all my Wheeling spirit, trips to DQ, and my locker 

Veda Mehaffey: I will you the Robert Street Culver’s, the basketball speaker, and Emily’s Room

Maddie Smith-Santa Clara University
Maddie Smith-Santa Clara University

Clara Crow and Lucia Michel- I will you both the second soprano section in the choir 


Olivia Gast- I will you the Aurora pride and all my support during your time at Vis 


Maia Sutton- I will you the Vista Instagram account 


To the future Senior Class President- I will you the office of presidency and Mrs. Sutton’s chair

Anne Killian-University of Minnesota Twin-Cities
Anne Killian-University of Minnesota Twin-Cities

Izze Dzubnar – our stoooopppp in the hallway, pantsing people, and a shopping trip in my closet


Grace Meisterling – weird taste in (short) guys and our promised lake day 


Dani Krech – Franco R, forward/D split with Bridget, Billy memories, the Shine Chicago trip, the freak ball


Dani Krech, Cece Wheaton, and Abby Hemaur – the duty of dealing with all of Coach Tom’s antics + Jimmy


Claire Kane – more, hopefully successful, cockroach pranks to come (p.s. sorry for letting Cece in our room last time)


Veda Mehaffey – the wonderland system


Lucy O’Brien-Tufts University
Lucy O’Brien-Tufts University

Addison Bowser- I will you the Viola section of the Vista orchestra 


Ruth Haile, Cece Hennis, Elise Hansen- I will you the mock trial team–the boxes, rules of evidence, and dollars from Judge 


Erika Brandt- I will you the Visitation Voice, may you publish many excellent articles 

Grace Milan

Faith I will you our rides to school and speedway and all the random people you go around asking if they know me, and hugs from Mrs.Blum everyday

MJ I will you all the Dr. Pepper in the faculty room and play dates with Faith

Heritage & Dorothy I will you guys all my weird food combinations that I can think of 

Daniel, I will you all my life drama, tea, and photography problems 

Annie Swanholm-University of Wisconsin Madison
Annie Swanholm-University of Wisconsin Madison

To the next Yearbook EICs: I will you perseverance and strength. Stay strong. 

To Cece Hennis and Ruth Haile: I will you the mock trial boxes and being in charge of finding timekeepers (and I’m sorry about that)

To Josie Katras: I will you Stanford Ave 

To Lillie Doyle: unlimited frozen hot chocolates and a successful influencing career

To my little sisters: I will an amazing high school experience! Have fun and enjoy it 🙂

Sarah Kodama
Sarah Kodama

To Catherine Carlquist: the subtle death stare when your stand partner plays a wrong note and McDonald’s runs after school 

To Kate Lee: Carlos Sainz and the mini pictures oin the corners of math worksheets & homework

To Addison Bowser: being Chinese desk buddies!!! 

To Avery Bowser: trying sips of bubblrs and being the older (best) twin 

To Maria Fasano: A random conversation that starts on the steps going up to class 

To Nadia Goldman: hugs at the start of Chinese class and orchestra!!! 

To Anh Nguyen and Catherine Carlquist: Asian Culture Club!!


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