Favorite Memories from the 2021-2022 School Year!

Emily Wollan, VisLife Editor

As we wrap up the 2021- 2022 school year, students share their favorite memories and highlights. Let’s take a look back on our year!

“Having Vis dances again & the LUNCHES!” – Cate Sobocinski ’22

Annecy takes a photo post-dodgeball win!

“9th Grade Orientation & Winter Week.” – Meryl Rosenberger ’25

“Winter Week!” – Ella Doyle ’24

“Annecy winning dodgeball!” – Fiona Dobie ’24

“When we got donuts after the Just Because Day.” – Amelia Wiitanen ’25

“Shamrock Shakes!” – Kate Lehman ’24

“APUSH Class convos.” – Catherine Miner ’23

“The swim season.” – Lucia Lazarus ’25

“Salesian Leaders with lower school classes, both senior retreats, and the return of Bagel Fridays!” – Emily Wollan ’22

Mrs. Sutton’s Aurora homeroom take a picture on their last Bagel Friday

“Glock’s performance in the talent show!” – Mary Kate Commers ’23

“Prom and dodgeball!” – Katie Brennan ’23

“Winter Week (especially dressing up) and the tennis & alpine seasons!” – Grace Keeley ’24

“Vis Swim St8.” – Ella Passe ’23

“Just Because Day!” – Margaret Kenny ’25

Blaze and junior Tess Cavanaugh after Just Because Day!

“When Lindsay Iverson got Gatorade dumped on her after the Sections Soccer Win and the Senior Retreat Talent Show.” – Cady Pagel ’22

“HOMECOMING WEEK!” – Tessa Lindstrom

“Prom!” – Sofi Lennington-Chaffee ’23

“Alina Lalta’s ‘I’m Yours’ Sing-Along at Senior Retreat.” – Kendall Oliver ’22

“Dancing in the Commons to Mamma Mia and the guy fixing the electrical danced with us.” – Lucy Wheeler ’23

“Winter Week coronation!” – Ella Bergeron ’24

“Nordic Maplelag Ski Trip & Homecoming!” – Catherine Wollan ’22

“80s day during Winter Week.” – Anna Farley ’23

“Dances like Prom and everything going back to normal.” – Lindsay Iverson ’22

“HOCO DODGEBALL” – Jenna Revnew ’24

“Dressing up as Pitbull during Hoco Week!” – Sienna Boeckman ’23

“Disco!” – Rachel Schmidt ’22

The Winter Week Court smiles for a picture after Coronation Day!

“Dodgeball with the 5th Graders & Winter Week coronation day!” – Sarah Weber ’22

Based on these responses alone, there is no doubt that this school year was one to remember!