School and Work Life Balance


Senior Katie Barry

Kate Sabre, Staff Writer

I interviewed an employed student in the Visitation Community to gain insight on how she balances work and school. Katie Barry has been working at Pool and Yacht Club, a small country club on the Mississippi River in Lilydale, for two years. Katie says that she works about 35 hours a week in the summer and 20 hours during the school year on top of juggling school, social life, and athletics. When I asked her about a favorite part of her job, she said, “The people. My coworkers are what make my job so fun. I have built so many relationships in my time working at Pool and Yacht, and some of the people I met just from working there are now really close friends, inside and outside of work.” Not only has Katie developed newfound relationships while working at Pool and Yacht, she has learned valuable study habits as well. She says, “Balancing work and school can be tiring, although the most important thing when it comes to managing my homework is time management. I have found that especially on nights with a heavy homework load, it is important to take advantage of any free time I might have. I usually have about 45 minutes of time between when I get home from school and when I leave for work. I prioritize this time and any free time I have at work to do homework and study. When I get home from work, I just stay focused long enough to get through the rest of my homework as quickly as possible.” Despite having minimal free time outside of work and school, Katie has found the best solution to making time for herself and friends. Katie says, “Finding time for myself and my friends can be difficult, but I find the most important thing to be making the most of the time I have. I often do not get off work until late in the evening, but if my friends are all together, I often try to go and hang out with them even if it means only for about an hour. I think that any time I have to hang out with them is worth it, so I always make the most of it.” In addition, I asked her what advice she may have for any other students who work during the school year and she said, “I would just tell others that it is important to not let work get in the way of other things, but rather to learn how to balance the things that are important. I would suggest to always make the most of the time you have available and to prioritize the things that are most important to making you happy.” Not only did this interview give me more understanding as to what students like Katie experience, but I also think she has learned many valuable lessons that can help other working students at Visitation.