What Does Your Hydroflask Say About You?


Photo courtesy of Grace Keeley

Grace Keeley, Freelance Editor

When walking around the halls of Visitation, one can’t help but notice that in addition to the mass of sperrys and pleated skirts, the hydroflasks are taking over. These days, you can’t possibly walk into a classroom or open a locker without seeing one of these colorful stainless steel beauties. Whether this is just a fad or possibly even an unofficial part of the Vis girl uniform, one can’t help but wonder if you chose your hydroflask or if your hydroflask chooses you. With the plethora of personalities at Vis, there is an equal amount of colors and shades of hydroflasks; so there must be some sort of correlation between who you truly are and which of the thirteen or so colors you can choose from. Lucky for you, with the help of some scientific and psychological studies on color as well as my “expertise” on hydroflasks (as I own one myself), I’m here to let you know what your hydroflask says about you.

We need to start at the most basic hydroflask color: white. If you own a white hydroflask, now is the time to listen up. Studies have shown that the color white is subconsciously associated with cleanliness, purity, or simplicity. Additionally, many people associate the color white with a clean slate or fresh start. If you decided to buy yourself a white hydroflask, you may have been looking for some simplicity and peace in your life. The color white also pairs with virtually any other color, so this purchase was not particularly risky for you. If you own this water bottle you are by no means an uncalculated risk-taker. You like your stuff in order and have no desire to take risks that something could go wrong. You are most likely organized and like to keep a clean workspace and locker. You are by no means the loudest person in the room but rather offer a calm and peaceful presence. Although you may have thought about buying other colors of hydroflask, you knew that white would be the safest and least risky pick. 

Next up, the other end of the color spectrum: black. The color black has gotten a bad rep as a color as it is usually associated with aggression, fear, death, or sadness. Although, I find that black is an extremely bold color that evokes strong emotions such as elegance or sophistication. One thing that is interesting about black is the fact that black is not a primary or secondary color but actually tertiary, meaning that it is made of all other colors. If you decide to choose a black hydroflask you have a very complex personality. Just as black is made up of many colors you have many different emotions and personality types jumbled into one. This causes you to have very strong emotions and values. Although, you carry all of this with class and elegance. You are poised and reserved at first, which can sometimes push people away, but once people get to know you they realize how complex, bold, confident and interesting your personality truly is. 

Next on the docket is pink. Hydroflask has created a variety of pink hues over the course of their time in the spotlight, but whether you have Hibiscus, Watermelon, or Carnation pink, this section is for you. At first glance, pink is a bold, bright and showy color. Although, psychologically, it may surprise you to hear that the color pink actually has a calming effect. As a matter of fact, pink is actually used to paint cells for inmates in prison as well as locker rooms for opposing teams at sporting events due to its subduing nature. With that being said, if you chose the color pink for your prized water bottle, you are most likely someone who, at first glance, comes across as loud, energetic, and extremely extroverted. Although, as people get to know you, you are actually a very calm and down-to-earth person. You are probably an introvert at heart whom people feel that they can be genuine around and will always offer a calming presence to any friend group. 

If you’re blue, this part’s for you! The color blue, psychologically, has many positive effects on our behaviors. Blue has been shown to improve productivity as well as inducing feelings of confidence and security. If you chose a blue hydroflask you are probably a very productive and outgoing person. You like to be involved and are very confident in yourself. You love a good grind when it comes to schoolwork or sports and you always need something too. You thrive in the spotlight, love attention, and have no problem speaking up or voicing your opinions. Even with your loud personality, you make those around you feel secure, even when they are not as personable as you are. 

And now green. Whether it be Olive or Spearmint, green has many emotional ties. Firstly, the color green is commonly associated with balancing emotions, leaving us feeling secure and safe. Additionally, the color green symbolizes generosity, growth, and hope. On the other hand, green has the negative connotation of being associated with envy. If you are the proud owner of a green hydroflask you are most likely a person who values your own growth. You are always looking for a way to improve yourself and you are very in tune with your personal goals. When others are around you, you make them feel safe and secure, as your generous nature allows you to be a great listener. Although, you should always watch how you tend to compare yourself to others. Don’t underestimate yourself, because you have a lot to offer.  

If you are the proud owner of a purple hydroflask, now’s your time to shine. The color purple has most reputably been connected to royalty and power for a long time. Although, there are other psychological ties to the color purple as well. Purple is a color that fuels imagination and wisdom. If you have a purple hydroflask, you’re most likely respected among your peers, you have a lot of power among people but you rarely are aware of it. People admire you for your creativity and imagination in addition to your wise intellect that you always offer up, even when it’s not asked for. You always have the perfect solution for any problem and you handle problems and tasks differently compared to most people but still end up getting them done.  

Orange you glad you bought a hydroflask? Well, I sure am. The color orange is most commonly associated with attention, risk-taking, and energy. The color orange implies spontaneity and adrenaline, as it is used to gain people’s attention. You may have noticed how many warning signs are orange and it’s no coincidence because the color orange is really good at taking all the attention it can get.  If you chose the color orange for your lovely water bottle you are most likely a very loud presence in a room. You are a total adrenaline junkie and delight in risk-taking. You can never run out of energy and are always the life of the party. Although this can be very infectious, be careful that you don’t come off too strong.

Last but not least, yellow. The color yellow is usually associated with positivity and happiness. And quite simply put, yellow is just that. Yellow symbolizes positivity, optimism, and warmth. If you gravitate towards the color yellow, it most likely signifies that you desire comfort. You are most likely the person to provide an optimistic approach to any situation, proving a much-needed perspective to others. Despite your hardest days, it is not difficult for you to maintain radiant happiness in your life. 

Although you may have been unaware of it when you placed your lovely hydroflask in the cart, there is a lot of psychology and meaning that goes into the color that you chose. By analyzing which colors you prefer and how you feel when surrounded by different colors you can learn a lot about yourself! The study of color psychology is a very real thing, and there are many more budding developments in this field. Although this specific article was all for fun and should not be taken too seriously, studying the colors around you can allow for greater insight into the commercial world and into your own emotions and overall behavior. Perhaps most importantly, feel proud you own a reusable water bottle and stay hydrated! 





*images courtesy of Hyrdoflask.com