The U.S. Coronavirus Response


Photo courtesy of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases.

Alina Lalta, Staff Writer

With the United States surpassing 215,000 coronavirus deaths, all eyes are on our nation. While other countries are beginning to reopen or have fully reopened, the United States is still wrestling with the fatal virus, which has prompted a conversation about what Americans should do next. The responsibility of handling COVID-19 is not placed solely on our state or political leaders, but the people who choose to follow those leaders. The United States’s late response to the coronavirus only added to the daunting number of deaths, but what else are experts seeing?

Many Americans believe the late response to the pandemic is what initially sparked the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths when the virus first hit the United States. Americans still seem to be facing the effects of this response, and with the added pressure from the states demanding that businesses reopen, the situation is only getting worse. For many, there seems to be a simple solution— if we mandate masks and limit the number of people coming into contact with one another, then the cases are bound to go down. This solution has been disrupted by the reopening of bars and restaurants. For others, the situation is more complicated due to the damaged economy.

When one compares the American response to that of other countries, the root of the problem is the people’s inability to comply with mandates set in place. The mask mandate is a point of contention for many Americans. Some argue that masks are essential means of protection from the virus, while others are staunchly opposed because they are deemed “too uncomfortable,” “hard to breathe in,” or even “a violation of constitutional rights.” The inability of many Americans to wear masks is a contributing factor to the growth in cases in the United States. Lack of unification is another large contributing factor to the growth of cases that many have overlooked. The inattention to health experts and leaders is what might lead the United States to more COVID-19 cases, and ultimately, more deaths. Refusal to comply with mandates is where the lack of unification is most present.

Canada and many other countries took swift and strong action to protect themselves and others, however, it has been difficult for the United States to decrease the number of its cases. This unification that the U.S. lacks may be a factor to take into account if the United States wants to return to normal.