Club Spotlight: Rock Club


Ella Sukup, Arts, Culture, & Style Editor

Vis clubs are back in action! With the activity fair behind us and lots of new and returning clubs to explore, you may be wondering what each club really has to offer. One of the most unique and creative clubs at Vis is Rock Club. At first glance, you may have some of the same questions I had: Is this a geology club? Is this a Dwayne Johnson enthusiast club? Or how much heavy metal will I have to listen to at these meetings? Upon asking club leaders Ava Kirr and Anna Farley what Rock Club truly entails, it turns out all of these topics are involved. Discussions in Rock Club meetings cover all topics relating to the word “rock.”

In their first few meetings, Rock Club first focused on rock music.  Activities in their first few meetings included a Kahoot and a presentation.  They had a great time learning about pop culture, and they can’t wait to explore more about the word “rock” this year.  Some activities they hope to partake in include rock walks and rock painting.

Overall, Rock Club is a super great club to be a part of if you are interested in broadening your horizons in a variety of fields.  We can’t wait to see what is next in store for Rock Club this year!