How Seasons Affect Our Moods


Caroline Sislo, Freelance Editor

As the seasons change, it is important to keep checking in on our mood. Besides, maybe being stuck in your house due to the cold, allows us to take an important deep look into how this can actually affect us. With that being said, seasonal depression is a very common disease in Minnesota. Although it is sad, it is due to our lack of sunlight that we would usually be able to get during the brighter months of the year. How can we avoid this?

Truth be told, sometimes we can’t avoid how we feel, and it’s important to take note of our mood It’s especially important in school, where the highest levels of stress usually occur. Taking time for ourselves is important to make up for how our feelings can be affected. Another way to help ourselves is taking Vitamin C. Besides taking vitamins, getting extra fruits with high Vitamin C will help too! Try having an extra cup of orange juice before leaving for your day!