Athletic Gear Guaranteed to Make You a Better Athlete

Ava Kirr, Staff Writer

Now that the spring sports season is upon us, it is the perfect time to discuss what and what not to wear in order to achieve athletic success. No matter what sport you play, there are universal items that are critical for comfort and injury prevention. 

Shoes that are correct for your feet. While many people gravitate towards the flashiest or prettiest shoes, those same shoes often have little support and result in injuries. The easiest way to figure out what shoes work best for you is to have your gait analyzed. Although this sounds like a complicated and confusing process, all it really consists of is a running specialist watching how you walk. Running stores such as Run N Fun perform a gait analysis for free, and, after doing so, suggest shoes for you to try on. In addition, they give a 20% discount to high school athletes, and you receive a T-shirt for purchasing a pair of shoes. Even if you aren’t in a running sport, it is important to have good training shoes. 

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A water bottle. Plain, fresh water is the most important thing you can give to your body. Sports drinks like Gatorade can be beneficial for replenishing electrolytes that are lost during exercise, but they contain unnecessary sugar and sodium. Resign yourself to water throughout the day to stay hydrated while you practice. In addition, drinking water can help you stay awake throughout the day, according to the Cleveland Clinic. 

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A good pillow. By which I mean to say: more sleep. Whatever the amount of sleep you get, you need more. Not only do teenagers need a lot of sleep to fuel their growth, but teen athletes need even more to allow them to perform at their best. 

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Optional: awesome workout clothes. In my estimable opinion, workout clothes shouldn’t take themselves too seriously. It is best to wear clothes that make you feel powerful, fast, and fun. 

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I wish you all a successful spring season! 


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