Fling Recap 2022


The Freshman Class Council pose for a photo at Fling! Left to right: Sophia Geis, Addison Bowser, Anna Francis, Sarah Nation, Hannah Rae Schreier, and Phoebe Balfour

Anna Francis , Staff Writer

The night of April 30th brought the class of 2025 together with the adored Adrian Singh as DJ, a backdrop with props set up for an on-themed photoshoot, and decorations throughout that encapsulated the enchanted vibe that the 9th grade-Student Council was going for. From a balloon arch to lanterns to fairy lights, the small gym was truly transformed and, honestly, looked unrecognizable. The famous DJ, Adrian, who many love, did a fabulous job reading the room. If the crowd seemed to move out of the gym, on came “Party in The USA,” and the Freshman came flooding right back in. He never fails at making everyone get up and dance, which students all needed in the gloomy weather that occurred during the few days prior to the dance. The Fine Arts Foyer held the customizable photo booth with countless boas, glasses, and funky hats. The amazing Kristi Anderson was the photographer and made certain that everyone was in the right position to get the perfect snapshot! The small gym was bordered with black drapery strung with lights throughout. There were tables topped with lanterns, candles, and greenery open for people to take a “breather” from all of the dancing, which is hard to do when Adrian is DJing.  Everyone who attended will agree in joining me for a huge shoutout to all who helped make this night possible, including the chaperones, Freshman Class Advisors, and the Freshman Class Council who collectively truly made this night one to remember.