Elon Musk purchases Twitter

Elon Musk purchases Twitter

Alina Lalta, News Editor

     On April 14th, 2022 Elon Musk put in an initial offer of $44 billion to purchase Twitter. 11 days later, Twitter’s current owners accepted his offer, making Musk the soon-to-be owner of Twitter.

     Elon Musk, popularly known as the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, announced after his deal with Twitter went public that he wanted the social media platform to be “politically neutral” and a platform to promote free speech. Although Musk’s deal with Twitter is currently on hold due to complications with fake and inactive accounts, he has stated that he is still committed to the popular social media platform.

     Musk has announced some of his plans he has for Twitter when his deal fully goes through. He is planning to have government and commercial accounts pay small fees for their accounts, while everyday users do not have to pay. He also stated that he wants to make the social media platform as inclusive as possible, which worries users as there is a niche culture around the platform. Lastly, he wants Twitter to truly be a place where anyone can speak freely. Musk believes the platform should accept all different viewpoints, and has expressed that this is one of his main goals. 

     He has also stated that he will reverse Donald Trump’s permanent Twitter ban which was initiated on January 6th, at the time of the violence ensuing on the Capitol.