Vis Got the Beat: 2022 Homecoming Week

Maddie Smith

The theme for Vis Homecoming 2022 was Vis Got the Beat, inspired by our many students’ love of music. Here’s a recap of the week! 

Inspired by the song, What Makes you Beautiful, students came on Monday wearing plain white shirts. Throughout the school day, students wrote what they loved about each other on each other’s shirts. By the end of the day, everyone’s white shirts were filled with affirming messages.  

Tuesday rolled around, which meant it was dodgeball day. Everyone came decked out in their house colors, inspired by the song My House. Each house showed its house spirit with their cheers, and then the games began. Mr. Volpe led the games, shouting, “Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!”. Each house played as best as they could, with Annecy pulling out their second win in a row. The good energy from dodgeball carried throughout the rest of the day and week. 

Wednesday rolled around and each grade went all out for their theme. Freshmen wore outfits inspired by classical music, rocking long black coats and ruffled white shirts. Sophomores dressed in rock and roll-inspired outfits. Junior’s outfits were inspired by their country music side, and seniors went full out for disco music. During flex that day, each fall extracurricular put on a queen skit for their nominee, and the student body then voted for one of the nominees. Each activity; Cross Country, Swim and Dive, Soccer, Choir, Theatre, Orchestra, Band, Robotics, Volleyball, and Tennis brought out their creative juices to come up with unique skits for their nominee.

Thursday came around, and the entire student body, including faculty and staff, wore the 2022 homecoming shirts. During break, the whole school went outside to the softball field for the pep rally, to hype up the sports teams for their upcoming games that night. The pep rally was led by Lucy Berg, one of this year’s superfans, who truly brought the energy to each team. That night, Soccer, Swim and Dive, Tennis, Cross Country, and Volleyball all had games, matches, or meets, and were filled with high-energy student sections!

When Friday came, it was time to go back in formal uniform for the annual Opening Mass and Flag Raising. During mass, the entire student body and faculty and staff sang Go Forth, a song written by Randi Rexroth to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Visitation School. Following mass, the seniors all gathered to form the honor guard that led to the flag-raising ceremony. The flag-raising was led by the Student Council, where a short prayer was said, and where everyone sang the national anthem.

Although the school week was over, 10-12 graders still had one more exciting event to look forward to, the Homecoming Dance. Students came dressed in their best outfits and sang and danced throughout the night. At the end of the dance, Kathleen Eldridge was crowned homecoming queen. All in all, the 2022 homecoming week was quite a success!