Democrats Call For Trump Impeachment


Greg Nash

Penelope Casper, Staff Writer

President Donald Trump has recently been under fire after his phone call with the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky. In July of this summer, President Trump made phone calls with Ukraine regarding how he would pay them to intercede and investigate his political competitor, former Vice President Joe Biden. A large amount of the involved money would have come out of military funding from the United States.  Following the Russian Interference investigation of the 2016 election, this incident won’t be the first time Trump has allegedly attempted to get help from other countries in his presidential election pursuits. Democrats have been following Trump’s actions closely, and as of September 24th, speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that the Democrats would begin a formal impeachment inquiry on President Trump. By definition, impeachment does not mean he will be removed from office, but rather formally and publicly call out his misconduct. This incident is still under investigation, but so far the house has decided to keep looking further into the Ukraine call and keep an eye on President Trump’s subsequent actions. The Muller Report is still under investigation as well, along with other allegedly improper things Trump has done during his presidency. As of now, it is unclear what these investigations will mean for Trump’s presidency.