Rock With The Red And Roll With The White: Fall Sports Edition


This fall we have Swimming and Diving, Cross Country, Soccer, Volleyball, and Tennis. This article will highlight each fall sport and the many opportunities these sports can bring. Playing a sport isn’t just about the meet, game, or match, it’s about creating a sense of community and trying your best at something you love. Here at Visitation, our fall sports embody this idea. 

The Visitation Swimming and Diving team is coached by Nate Linscheid, Julie Linscheid, Meghan Kemna, and Grace Snyder. The team enjoys their Friday practices by starting out with a fun game of sharks and minnows for warm up. They have lots of spirit with their “rock with the red” cheer during the last heat of every stand-up set. So far this season the team’s favorite memory has been the team sleepover and talent show at the start of the year. The sleepover is a great way to bond with the team before the season starts. Their favorite meet this year was homecoming because they got to swim in their home pool (Saint Thomas Academy Pool) and they had many classmates there to cheer them on. The team’s favorite tradition is playing lightning at dry land practices and enjoying bagels together at every Saturday practice. Lastly, the team wanted everyone to follow their social media page – @visswim and @vis.dive.

The Visitation Cross Country team is coached by Jeff Fink and Martha Hubbell. The team’s favorite part of practice is question of the day! Teammates love getting the opportunity to get to know eachother better and also sharing a little about themselves. The cross country girls also love being done with practice because they have brutal workouts but they feel strong and accomplished when they are finished. So far this season the runners’ favorite memory has been the story “Kidnapped on a Catamaran.” Teammates Evie, Emily, Molly, and Phoebe have been making up a story since the start of the season to keep the team entertained. Their hope is to have it last until the end of the season. Throughout practice, teammates can hear snippets of the story during runs. This season, the teams favorite meet was the Milaca Mega Meet. This meet is the world’s largest highschool cross country meet with hundreds of teams present. The meet had great energy, and many athletes had their personal bests. The favorite team tradition is duck shorts day. Every week the runners pick a day to all wear their matching duck shorts and they have such a fun and silly time. Lastly, the cross country team is asking that everyone come to one of their meets. They would love to gain some more student body support!

The Visitation Soccer team is coached by Jay Miller and Carly Gustad. The team’s favorite part of practice is warming up and playing the game world cup. It is a fun way to bond with teammates and have a little friendly competition. The favorite memory this season was capture the flag. The team plays this to bond with their teammates and have a little fun at the beginning of the season. The home opener this season was a very big game for the soccer team. They won against Saint Anthony, and this game set the tone for the rest of the year. Players enjoy dance parties on the buses as well – they are a great way to get hyped up for the game ahead of them. 

The Visitation Volleyball team is coached by Colleen Modde. Throughout the season, the team loves playing games that can use the skills that they have perfected. These games include Ducks in a Pond and Queens Court. A very laughable and team favorite moment of the season was when Holly received the ball with her head to continue the volley. The team even ended up winning the point! This season, the team’s favorite match was homecoming. Lots of students showed up to support, and the band played amazing music for the team. The favorite team tradition is the pre-game dance parties. Before every home game, they have dance parties to get the team’s energy high. 

The Visitation Tennis team is coached by Coach K and Molly. The team’s favorite part of practice is dynamic warm up because they get to enjoy each other’s presence before every practice. Tennis practice is very spread out, so you don’t get to practice with your entire team. At the start of the season, the girls had dinner at Lucky 13’s. This was their favorite memory because they got to enjoy time together with no parents or coaches. The favorite match of the year was against Two Rivers. Two Rivers is one of Visitations biggest rivals in tennis, so the girls were quite ecstatic to win. Tennis dare night is a tradition loved by all on the Visitation team. The girls love spending time with their teammates outside of practice.