Meet Kayla: The New Athletic Trainer at Vis!


Camden Wright, Co-Executive Editor

This school year, Visitation welcomed a weight trainer onto campus! Kayla Russell works at Training Haus and is available for assistance in the weight room for Vis sports teams. She has worked with all different levels of experience and people of all ages ranging from 5 years old to 70. She’s very passionate about health and fitness. 

Girls and teams who have trained with her can attest to her kind and positive attitude when it comes to working out and creating a hardworking environment. When asked what Kayla’s favorite part of Vis is so far, she answered that “it is clear that Vis has a great community of girls. When I was in high school, the community was not as supportive as this, it’s so great to be a part of!” 

Kayla is here at the Vis weight room after school for set training sessions for off-season and in-season sports teams as well as supervision in the weight room. She teaches girls how to use equipment properly to prevent injury and gain maximum benefits, and pushes athletes to be their best selves with challenging exercises. 

Not only has Kayla helped girls get on track for lifelong skills of weightlifting correctly and improving movement with agility drills, but she shares her passions for a healthy lifestyle with her support radiating every day. Having Kayla as an addition to the Vis community is a huge blessing, and we should all take advantage of her skills and give her a friendly welcome!