The Vis Awards: 2021 Homecoming Week Recap


Rachel Schmidt, Staff Writer

Although it may be hard to believe, the start of homecoming week was three weeks ago!

Seniors pose for red-carpet day

Following the theme of Vis Awards, the upper school (and a few amazing teachers) showed up on Monday in their best-dressed red carpet attire. The styles varied from long dresses, short dresses, suits, and bodyguards. Even an Adam Sandler-inspired outfit made the cut. Nonetheless, everyone looked amazing. The people who really went the extra mile were invited to come down off the bleachers during Monday morning assembly and strut their stuff on the red carpet.

Georgetown celebrates their Dodgeball Tournament win

Tuesday rolled around and the formal dress was long gone. It was dodgeball day. Everyone was decked out, head to toe, in their bright house colors. As the end of first period came closer and closer, the energy in the school rose as people were anticipating the excitement that dodgeball brings. Face paint was donned, hair was tied back, and Mr. Volpe gave his iconic “Let’s get ready to RUMBLEEEE!!!!!” to kick off the first game. Each house played their very best, but in the end, Georgetown (the best house GO DAWGS) came out on top leaving the gym with zero losses that day. The energy began to return back to a calmer state during break as people decompressed, and the rest of the week continued on.

Wednesday morning came and each grade lived up to their theme well. The freshmen were decked out in neon for The Kids Choice Awards, sophomores arrived in jerseys and medals for The ESPYs, juniors dressed as famous actors and actresses for The Emmys, and the seniors went full rodeo for The Country Music Awards. There was not a costumeless person in sight. During Lunch Flex that day, each club, sport, or extracurricular activity presented their Queen Skit before the upper school so that everyone could get to know the nominees a little better before they would cast their vote.

Thursday’s pep rally featuring the beloved Blaze

On Thursday, the entire Visitation student body, faculty, and staff were wearing the cleverly crafted bright blue Vis Awards homecoming t-shirts and all gathered outside during Lunch Flex for an energetic and pep-filled pep rally! Teams were able to announce their games for later that night and cheers were led by the wonderful 2021-2022 superfan: Caitlin O’Neill. The end of the day rolled around quickly, and everyone got ready for homecoming sports night. A total of 9 teams within 4 sports had a game, match, or meet that night.


Seniors stand in an honor guard as the Student Council processes through with the flags

For the final day of homecoming week, the Visitation student body dressed in their formal uniform for the long-standing tradition of the first all-school Mass and flag-raising ceremony. After the Mass, the seniors lined the parking lot forming an honor guard all the way to the entrance of the Heart and the flagpole where a prayer was said and the national anthem was sung.


Kathryn Thurlow is crowned as Homecoming Queen

Although the school week was over, 10th-12th graders still had one more event to look forward to. Saturday night was the homecoming dance. In taking precautions for COVID, the dance was held outside on the sidewalk of the Athletic Foyer where students and their dates were able to mingle and dance in the cool autumn weather. At the end of the night, the homecoming queen was announced! With the help of her amazing soccer team putting on a crazy skit, Kathryn Thurlow was crowned queen! All in all, it was a great 2021-2022 Homecoming week!