Vol. XVIII, Issue 2: Letter to the Editor


Editors Edie Weinstein and Noel Wang

Noel Wang and Edie Weinstein

1. What is your favorite article that you have written for The Visitation Voice? What do you hope readers take away from it?


I think one of my favorites will always be the very first article I wrote for the Voice.  I was a freshman, so the Voice wasn’t virtual yet.  The article was about mansplaining.  I didn’t really know what I was doing because I had never written for the newspaper before, and if I could write that article again, I would definitely do it differently, but I’m very fond of it because it was the beginning of my journey writing for the newspaper.

In terms of an article I’m really proud of, one of my favorites is the one I wrote about divorced-parent families in the last issue.  I also love the article I wrote about Saturday Night Live last May, which was focused on reasons to watch the show live and on Saturday Night Live at Home, the social distancing edition of SNL that aired last spring.

I hope my writing helps people see the world through a new lens, gives them a reason to show compassion to others, and exposes them to aspects of the world they may not have experience with.


This is so hard to choose! My favorite articles that I’ve written are probably What is the Vis Bubble? (from Spring 2020) and “Words and White Fragility(this issue!) And of course, I love writing book reviews and editing our ELOCUTION podcast.

I hope my writing inspires readers to dig deeper—whether that be a new book, podcast, beverage, social justice issues in our community, and themselves.

2. Thanks for all your hard work!! I’m so thankful for your flexibility and compassion with helping all of us with SNO. I have been very into podcasts recently and was wondering what your favorite podcasts of all time are, and what podcasts you are listening to at the moment if any.


I have a few favorite podcasts, including 99% Invisible, Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History, and the New York Times’  podcast, The Daily


As for my favorite podcasts… I guess you could say I have a lot of opinions. 😉